The UConn Huskies athletic director will not rule out practicing some sports

STORRS, Conn. – UConn will not rule out eliminating some sports to close a gap of more than $ 40 million in the budget of its athletic department.

The director of athletics, David Benedict, who spoke before Saturday's men's basketball game with Tulane, said there is still a firm belief that UConn has become a nationally renowned university, in part because of its sporting success.

But he said the athletic division should examine how it is structured. He says UConn will look for all opportunities to increase revenue and cut expenses before considering the possibility of practicing a sport.

"There are many sports departments in recent years that have had to do that," said Benedict. "It's probably one of the most difficult things you can do as an athletic director and sports department, we're going to see every opportunity to try to deal with this before that, but sometimes it's inevitable."

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