The UCLA Bruins win the NCAA softball title in the starting single, 5-4

The Bruins are the NCAA 2019 national softball champions.

In tonight's game, the Bruins returned to where they left them the night before. After Rachel Garcia kept the Sooners scoreless at the top of the first, despite having given a double advantage, Bubba Nickles and Briana Perez placed two of the first four shots on the left field wall to give the Bruins a 2-0 lead. With two outs, Taylor Pack reached an error. Brianna Tautalafua hit a single, moving Pack to the second, and Colleen Sullivan drew a walk. But Kinsley Washington knocked down the first baseline to finish the inning.

In the third inning, the teams exchanged homers. Oklahoma, as a visiting team, got the first in the top of the inning, but the Bruins responded when Aaliyah Jordan hit a home run to start the bottom half of the inning. The Bruins had a chance to score more when they loaded the bases with two outs, but Kelly Inouye-Perez handled the situation and beat Quarles for Pac-12 hitting champion Kelli Godin and Quarles struck out to finish the inning.

The Sooners were able to tie the game, 3-3, in the top of the quarter when they scored a pair of runs in a single producer and a double producer.

Brianna Tautalafua continued her tear at the Finals when she hit her second homer in two games in the fifth inning to give UCLA a 4-3 lead. With neither team scoring in the sixth, the Sooners were running out of outs.

Rachel Garcia got the first two outs immediately in fly outs to the center and to the left. She had the Sooners in her last two shots, but Shay Knighten got one and sent him over the fence in the center left to tie the game, 4-4.

Then, the Bruins came to bat in the bottom of the seventh and, if they were going to win the national championship tonight, it would be with a finish. Taylor Pack starts the inning with a single and, in one of the strangest movements of the night, Tautalafua left a touch to move Pack to the second. It did not make sense because, despite their fights on the plate, Tautalafua was dominant against the Sooners. That brought Colleen Sullivan with one outside. Sullivan hit a run to shorten a fielder's selection and Pack was sent off in third. When Sullivan took second place in an uncontrolled pitch, Jacqui Prober came running for her. Kinsley Washington went next and singled to left field. Prober turned third and headed home, where she avoided the label of Sooner's receiver, Lynnsie Elam.

The Bruins win, 5-4, in a one-way single! UCLA had won the 118th title of the school in the NCAA!

Congratulations to the twelve NCAA softball champions!

Come on Bruins!

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