The two women alleged that they were sexually assaulted by the teenagers by Nicola founder Trevor Milton

Two women – one identified as Milton’s cousin, Aubrey Smith, and the other whose identities are withheld and referred to as Jane Doe – being represented by Utah-based attorney Craig Johnson is. The women allege that they were sexually assaulted by Milton in 1999 and 2004 when both women were 15 years old respectively.

Smith’s complaint was filed Saturday with the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake in Utah. Sergeant Melody Cutler with the department confirmed to CNN Business that it received a complaint about a sexual harassment incident against Milton in September 1999, when he was 17 years old on Saturday.

“Mr. Milton said Trevor Milton spokesman Brandon Messina in a CNN Business statement,” strongly denying these false allegations. “At no point in his life has Mr. Milton ever been involved in any inappropriate physical contact with anyone,” Messina said.

Nicola sent Milton a request for comment.

The 38-year-old entrepreneur resigned abruptly from his position on Nicola’s board a week after the new allegations, following a report published earlier this month by short seller Hindenburg Research alleging that Nicola “made on dozens of lies” during Milton Gaya was a “fraud fraud” carrier. CNN was unable to substantiate the claims made in the Hindenburg report, and Milton tweeted that the report was a “job hit by Hindenburg” and an attempt to manipulate stocks and some Shortly after, he promised a detailed rebuttal before deleting his Twitter account. Nikola announced that he had hired a law firm to find legal action against Hindenburg and said he would pursue the case with Securities And plans to bring it before the Exchange Commission.

The hydrogen and electric truck startup went public in June and announced it had signed a $ 2 billion stock deal with General Motors that would also see GM build its electric pickup truck, the Nikola Badger, days before the Hindenburg report.

“Our transaction with Nicola has not been closed. We are in discussion with current Nicola management and will provide further updates if appropriate or necessary. Recent allegations about the personal behavior of Trevor Milton, former Nicola’s acting president In light of this, we want to emphasize that. GM in a statement on Tuesday strongly condemned sexual harassment and any misconduct.

Blacksmith charged up A series of Twitter posts showed Milton cutting her breast without her consent on the occasion of a family funeral. John Doon, who served as Milton’s assistant, alleged that according to a press release from Johnson’s law office, Milton “penetrated his vagina with his finger after a day of work.”

Jane Doe’s complaint was filed with the St. George, Utah Police Department on Friday, her attorney, Johnson said. The St. George Police Department did not immediately return CNN Business’s request for comment.

CNBC first reported on Monday that claims had been filed with Utah officials in recent days. Last week, the Wall Street Journal first reported on Smith’s claims.

Speaking on behalf of the women, Johnson said “their hope is that their voices are heard, that they can empower themselves to stand up for themselves and stop something and no longer suffer in silence.”

He said that Smith’s claims were likely to be overstated, but his testimony could still be relevant in court. While John Doe’s claim was set to expire in 2008 under a four-year limit, Utah’s law was amended to remove the statute of limitations, so his case would likely be referred to in Dadagiri.

Smith told CNN Business in an interview last week that when she first talked about the alleged attack – she posted a #MeToo story on Facebook in 2017 stating that she was attacked by her cousin – This is the first time he named Milton as a criminal. CNBC published a screenshot of its 2017 post.


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