The Treasury Department says that Rudy is a Ukrainian ‘Russian agent’ associated with Giuliani

A Treasury Department man called “an active Russian agent with Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden”.

A member of the Ukrainian parliament and three other Russian-linked individuals were nominated on Thursday by the Treasury of Foreign Assets Control to attempt to influence the US electoral process.

“Andrey Derkach and other Russian agents manipulate and deceive attempts to influence elections in the United States and around the world,” Treasury Secretary Steven Menuchin said in a statement.

Last November, Derkach appeared alongside Giuliani as part of an American News (OAN) “investigation” that aired in December, the same week the House of Judiciary Committee approved the impeachment article against the president.

Giuliani appears on-camera sitting at a table with Derkach for an interview with ON reporter Chanel Rian, in which Giuliani calls their first meeting, which, according to OAN, lasted more than three hours.

“This interview is being conducted by OAN … an American network, journalist organization,” Giuliani explains in the OAN piece. “My role, you must understand, I do not represent the government, I am the personal advocate of President Trump, so throughout my role, more than a year ago, I met you, (referring to Durkach), trying me. Have to find Ukrainian collusion, get facts about Ukrainian corruption, which is interfering in 2017, um 2016 election. “

Giuliani continues, “My goal here is just a simple goal and it is to personally defend the President of the United States against the original false accusations of Russian collusion and now false allegations in relation to his talks with President Zelenski, “There is a mention of calls between Trump and the Ukrainian president, which by then had become the focal point of impeachment investigations.

But, in his attempt to defend Trump against accusations of Russian complicity in the 2016 election, Giuliani, wittingly or unknowingly, met with someone the Trump administration would later nominate a Russian agent who would actively nominate for the 2020 election Was trying to impress.

The OAN documentary states that Derkach gave Giuliani and OAN access to hundreds of pages of documents involving the former vice president, his son, Hunter Biden, and allegations about the energy company, Burma, as a board member named Hirson Biden Apply.

Giuliani said in a statement to ABC News, Durkach provided him with information about “unaccounted for foreign aid”, but that “all the other information he gave us was found months before other witnesses and documents.” Went.”

Giuliani said in a statement to the New York Times, and was confirmed by ABC News, that he had “no reason to believe it.” [Derkach] Is a Russian agent. There is nothing that I noticed that he was a Russian agent. There is nothing that he gave me that came from Russia. ”

Officials say that last spring, Derkach released a series of heavy audio recordings designed to interfere with the US presidential race. Some of those recordings were an obvious attempt to smear Bidens.

A Treasury Department press release stated, “Durkach has directly, or indirectly been involved in, sponsored, concealed, or otherwise embroiled in foreign interference in an attempt to undermine the upcoming 2020 US presidential election.”

Under the Treasury designation, Americans are prohibited from engaging in transactions with Deerkach, and any property they own is subject to US jurisdiction.

The Department of Justice, on Thursday, also brought charges of wire fraud and conspiracy against three Russian citizens allegedly involved in election interference actions involving the Internet Research Agency (IRA). The IRA was previously charged in a special consultation investigation into Russian election intervention led by Robert Muller.