The trailer of Final Fantasy XVI looks like a mixture of IX and XII (and it’s great!)

It is a universally accepted truth, that a game in the possession of an eyelid, should be in want of a sword… and a chocobo.

It is a universally accepted truth, that a game in the possession of a Twinkle, must be in want of a sword … and a chocobo.
Screenshot: square Enix

The biggest surprise of the Sony PS5 event on Wednesday was the reveal of a new mainline. Final dream Game, 16th in the series (like 36th if you count all the sequels and spinoffs and Final Fantasy VII: Days of Cerberus). Fans of the series are excited, and some online have noted that the trailer recently indicates a move away from future themes of the single player Final dreams and return to the “fantasy” part Last dream.

The most common comparison I saw was that people were to Final Fantasy IX, which is considered as the ultimate real fantasy title. Latest games, Final Fantasy XVIWith his swords and shields, and an army of chocobo riders – some of them look to be ablaze. But when I watch the trailer, I learn about the vibe of Final Fantasy’s other frequently forgotten fantasy themed game: TwelfthWorld of Ivalice.


Buckle, teeNow his maternal uncle’s final fantasy is not there.
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Final Fantasy IX A game players love. After serious Seventh And dour (though sweet in my heart) Eighth, FFIX Return to franchise source. In his Final dream Retroactive Jason Schreyer described Ninth Coming home for Thanksgiving. You will meet friends you know and hang out with old friends. ” Ninth There is a cast of colorful (literally) and memorable characters. There are monkey-tailed zidans, childish but sweet echoes, and brilliant vivis, which are on the shortlist of many fans for the best character in all games for all time.

On the contrary, I do not think FFXII Upon its release in 2006 it received a fair deal. Many players did not like the character progression of the license board Actually The main character Vaughan did not like, nor did the story’s geopolitical intrigues, which at least appeared to be a departure from the “Tropic of the Quirky Band of Misfits” series. “Bizarre Band of Misfits Saves the World”). Final Fantasy XII He also had the great misfortune to follow one of the masterpieces in the series, FFX. It just can’t measure up, though the 2017 remaster, Zodiac ageDid a lot for rehab Twelfthimage of. Twelfth Was a more serious tone than Ninth, A heavy plot, dark colors and characters that were more complex than quirky. XVIThe trailer hints at one of the same qualities.


Damn ifrat you scary.
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XVI Seems too serious compared to both Ninth And Twelfth. In a series that is often violent, it is nice to see that it embraces the violence in a way that directly confronts the player rather than hindering metaphor, off-screen action, or bloodless performances. All Fantasy final Flirt with mature themes. Eighth While the children were soldiers XThe world focuses on a religion that mandated human sacrifice. But these games handled those subjects lightly. In none Eighth Never calls the squad and its Mira band CDD’s “Child Soldiers,” and only people XThe Spira who talk about human sacrifice are al sheep, who show up late in a technological world of tech users and are almost wiped out. (Genocide is another common Final dream The theme is never told what it is.) In other words, Final Fantasy is a very sacred series. XVI Something wrong or at least a hint at blood donor. In the trailer, there is a scene where a soldier is beheaded and sprays blood Kills a child in the face. There is also a scene where this summon (or eidolone if bad) appears, ifit tears someone apart from the point where you can hear the squatting of the torn flesh and the spray of blood. Final dream Games are always violent, as if the spectacle of violence has never happened XVI appears to be.

It will be until at least 2021 until we can see for ourselves where this new one is Final dream Will take us. While i see more Twelfth From in Eleventh, I hope, whatever the game takes its inspiration from, I hope the developers will let the idea Ninthcard games Tetra master Return it victorious.