The trailer concept surprises fans with incredible graphics

A new Unreal Engine 4 concept trailer with stunning graphics has Bethesda fans waiting The Elder Scrolls 6 and its launch excited about the potential of the newest entry in the long-running series. It’s been ten years since Bethesda released Skyrim. Since 2011, video game graphics have come a long way. While Bethesda Game Studios games aren’t exactly known for their cutting-edge visual fidelity, we do know. The Elder Scrolls 6 it will run on a recently upgraded engine and we know it will look considerably better than Skyrim. How much better remains to be seen, but fans will expect it to resemble the trailer below.

On YouTube, Perfect Vision has released a new video showing what The Elder Scrolls 6 it might (emphasis on might) look like it if it were released tomorrow via Unreal Engine 4. Now, The Elder Scrolls 6 It is not being done with the Unreal Engine, but with a recently updated Creation Engine. That said, the video offers a taste of what is possible with the new Ancient scrolls.

To achieve the amazing visuals below, Perfect Vision used Quixels photogrammetry textures, which, as you can see, feature 8K.

Yes The Elder Scrolls 6 will be able to overcome these visual effects remains to be seen. Being a cross-platform release, a product of the Creation Engine, and an actual game versus a tech demo, it probably won’t, however it has time on its side. The Elder Scrolls 6 It won’t be released anytime soon, and when it does, the industry standard for graphics will only get better.

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