The top Spanish general claimed that he resigned after vaccinating others

Is from spain The Chief of Defense Staff, General Miguel Defensengel Villaroya, resigned from his post after reports that he received the coronovirus vaccine ahead of other priority groups, according to a Reuters report.

Villaroya resigned on Saturday after receiving a public backlash for skipping the line to be inrolled. Like many other countries, including the United States, Spain has given priority Health care workers and the elderly, two of the most exposed and vulnerable groups of the virus.

According to the wire service, Defense Minister Margarita Robles reportedly spoke to Villaroya after being asked to report her vaccination on Friday.

Robles did not explicitly say if Villaroya received the vaccine in a statement regarding his resignation, but added that Villaroya “never intended to take advantage of unfair privileges that damaged the Armed Forces’ image and Doubtful in general respect. ” To Reuters

Villaroya was in the daily media briefing to represent the military and to update the public on how soldiers were helping to start caring for civilians when last year.

The Wire Service reported that normal actions have damaged the image of the armed forces in Spain.

Robles’ statement said that Villaroya “took decisions that he believed were right” but that those decisions “damaged the public image of the armed forces.”

The news comes that many public figures have made waves in the country to jump the priority line in Spain.

The country has also been one of the hardest hit in Europe after France and has seen over 55,000 deaths since the epidemic began, with cases still rising. The country has about 2.5 million coronavirus cases.


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