The Titans rallied late to outrun the Broncos with scavengers

For most of Monday night’s game, the Tennessee Titans may have thought they spent it wisely over Ryan Tannehill.

Tanehill, who was out last year after being acquired in a trade with the Miami Dolphins, received a four-year, $ 118 million deal to stay with the team. It was a dubious deal. Tannehill never had much success with the Dolphins. And for about 55 minutes on Monday night, the Tannehill star could not run much against the Denver Broncos defense without pass ranger Von Miller.

Then when it was counted the most, Tannehill made his money. And he helped Stephen Gostowski get some redemption.

Tannehill led the Titans on a long scoring drive in the final minutes to preserve a win for both teams on a sluggish night. Gostkowski, a longtime Patriots kicker who missed three field goals and an extra point in his Titans debut, gave up a 25-yard field goal for 17 seconds to win the game 16–14.

It was not pretty, but the Titans ran away with a win.

Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Locke has been sacked by Tennessee Titans de Jadevon Clown. (Aaron Ontiveros / MediaNews Group / Getty Post with Getty Images)

A mistake-filled game to end Week 1

The second Monday night game was far from an aesthetic point of view. The Broncos worked hard on defense, with a physical approach with 2019 NFL hurling champion Derrick Henry. Denver’s offense had a good start, but quickly got into a shock, as Tennessee played some strong defense of its own. Serious Mistakes – A Melvin Gordon, a personal foul who erased an interception, a rogue dropped Jerry Zaydi to third place in the first round and then another delay in the fourth quarter to prevent Bronco from taking over his control . sport. The score was tied at 7-7 for most of the night.

Action took place in the fourth quarter. The Titans finished fourth at the 1-yard line, and Jonu Smith found himself open to the lead. Gostkowski missed the extra point. The Titans led 13-7.

Denver’s crime suddenly woke up after that, eventually going on a long drive. Gordon gave Denver a 14-13 lead. The score remained there until the last minute.

Titans-Broncos come to the end

The Titans had an attempt to drive late in the fourth quarter and score at least one field goal to win. He started both with deep wealth in his field. At first, Henry filled in for first place and Tannehill threw two imperfections.

The next time the Titans got the ball back, they were down for their last shot. Tannehill pulled him out of a hole with some important completions. The Titans got to the midfield with a two-minute warning. A big penalty on the Broncos kept the drive alive, and the Titans got inside the red zone on a good run by Henry. Broncos coach Vic Fangio, who had all three timeouts, did not give his offense for a while to stop the clock and score on the Titans. This was an obvious tactical error, one that a lot of NFL coaches still make.

By the time the Titans kicked a small field goal, the Broncos had not had enough time for more frustration from the downfield hives. The Broncos had two seconds left in the 43-minute line, but Drew Lock couldn’t even get a Hell Mary effort under pressure and threw incompletely in the middle of the field.

It was not a great game for either team. At least the Titans could fly home for the season with a 1-0 start.

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