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The Times and The New Yorker share the Pulitzer Prize for public service

The New York Times and The New Yorker Magazine won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service on Monday for their reports on sexual harassment that marked the beginning of a calculation on the treatment of women by powerful men in the highest categories of Hollywood , politics, media and technology.

From revelations in The Times about the Fox News presenter Bill O & # 39; Reilly, followed by reports about the mogul of the movie Harvey Weinstein published by The Times and The New Yorker, the coverage unleashed a cascade of testimonies of women about abuse in the workplace, whether at a Beverly Hills hotel or at a Ford Motor plant in the Midwest. At the end of the year, what became known as the #MeToo movement reformed the modern conversation about gender and equity.

At a time when President Trump regularly assaults the news media, the Pulitzer board of directors awarded the national award to The Times. and The Washington Post, for the coverage that unearthed possible links between Russia and Trump's inner circle. The dramatic story continues to dominate Washington politics.

The Post also won the award for investigative reporting for its exhibition of Roy S. Moore, the Republican candidate for the Senate in Alabama, whose candidacy for a higher office was overturned after the Post discovered that he had groped and harassed to several women, one as young as 14.

The Times received three prizes in total, including the cartoon caricature prize in a series that narrates the entry of a Syrian refugee family into the United States. The public service award was the sixth time The Times received the prestigious award in the history of the Pulitzers, which is announced annually by Columbia University to recognize excellence in journalism and letters.

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