The Texas Rangers avoid putting an egg in the 11-10 victory over the Houston Astros

Here are the examples since I saw a Texas Rangers baseball game for the first time in 1991 that the Rangers have had at least 12-8 through 20 games:

1996: (13-7) – To the West champions

1997: (12-8) – Disappointing third place.

1998: (13-7) – To the West champions

2004: (12-8) – In the race until last week.

2011: (13-7) – World Series

2012: (15-5) – joker

2013: (13-7) – Game 163

2014: (12-8) – LOL

With today's victory, these Rangers join that club. As you can see, if for the sole reason that the 2014 team is among them, going at least 12-8 through 20 games does not guarantee anything. However, the fact that this team is doing this until now has been incredibly entertaining in a year when entertainment was not given.

Texas finished at home with a 6-2 record against their Western rivals in the American League and now has a 10-4 record at our beautiful baseball stadium. In addition, the Houston Astros have a record of 11-4 this season against the rest of baseball, but 2-4 against the Texas Rangers.

Game player: In his 1337th appearance on the plate as a great player, Joey Gallo hit the first sacrifice fly of his career proving forever and always that he is LEET! In addition, Gallo hit a triple and had five RBIs, while only 11 players across the sport are currently ahead in wRC + so far this season, so, you know, he is legitimately elite in 2019.

Until next time: The Rangers end up at home for a while as they head west to start a series in Oakland against the Athletics. Mike Minor is ready to take the Texas mound in the first game against bbadist Chris Bbaditt for the Athletics. Monday's first pitch from the Oakland Coliseum is scheduled for 9:07 pm CT.

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