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The Texas Deputy Goes Viral After Attempting Repeatedly to Arrest the Wrong Black Man

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A black man in Texas wants the racially-described police officer to be fired after his terrifying encounter went viral.

According to ABC News, on May 8, Clarence Evans was in the driveway of his Houston home with his wife, his 6-year-old son and his 1-year-old daughter, when he was strangely mistaken for a wanted fugitive in Louisiana .

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Fortunately, during the height of the confusion, Evans's wife pulled out her cell phone and began recording the altercation. Subsequently, he published the video on Facebook, where he was seen more than twenty thousand times and since then he has covered the rounds on all social networks.

"That officer needs to be fired," Evans told ABC News on Thursday. "I do not understand how he is still an officer of the law."

"At that time, my dog ​​was in the house," he continued. "I'm raising my dog, so I thought he was stopping to ask for some puppies or something, so I did not think about that."

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"He told me that my dog ​​was stolen," he said. "I told him:" Well, that can not be possible. "

Things went to the left after the deputy began to ask him what his name was and grabbed him by the force of his right arm.

"He grabbed me and said: No, I already know your name … and you have a Louisiana exit order," Evans said.

At one point, the deputy called him "Quentin" even after Evans and his wife clarified that it was not his name and that he had never lived in Louisiana.

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Fortunately, finally, another police officer stopped at Evans' house with the lights and siren on. And when he came to compare Evans with the image of the fugitive, he agreed that they were not the same person.

Despite public support for the father of two children, this week, Mark Herman, the Harris County Sheriff for Precinct 4 where the deputy works, blamed the 39-year-old for escalating the situation because he did not comply with the request of the officer to deliver his identification. .

Referring to the video that Evans posted on social networks, Herman said: "This individual chose to mistreat the deputy and not cooperate with a police investigation."

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