The Tesla Model 3 video review compares the lowest priced electric car with the Model S


There have been no complete revisions of the 2017 Tesla Model 3 to date by the automotive media, which means that professional test drivers spend a few days with the car submitting it to a standard battery of tests.

apparently on the part of the owners, also disappeared from the Internet, giving rise to several theories about what owners should legally accept before accepting delivery.

Now, however, we have another Model 3 video conference that has survived for two weeks, so it seems likely that it will stay.

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Comes from Matt Pressman of Evannex, a supplier of aftermarket accessories for electric cars Tesla.

The 26 minute video covers virtually all aspects of the Model 3 and, remarkably, compares it to the larger and more expensive S model, the highest-volume Tesla vehicle.

The review gives a good idea of ​​the similarities and differences between betwee n Tesla's flagship model S, now in its sixth year model, and the lowest-priced model 3 now struggling in mbad production.

  Video review of the Tesla Model 3 electric car by Matt Pressman of Evannex [frame from YouTube video]

Review of video of the Tesla model 3 electric cars by Matt Pressman of Evannex [frame from YouTube video]

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For those who are considering buying a Tesla, including first-time buyers, Pressman tries to answer the question: which?

Model 3, he says, shows how the Silicon Valley electric car maker "enhanced its interior design capabilities and improved the integration of features, functionality and storage."

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Pressman prefers the design of the rear window of the Model S larger to the boot of the Model 3, a more traditional sedan in that sense, although equipped with a folding rear seat for transporting long objects.

Model 3 wins for dri to see visibility and its center console, a feature that is completely lacking in the early years of the production of the Model S.

It also includes hooks for hanging, several small storage compartments, back pockets and a rear seat armrest that indicates that Tesla has significantly increased its cabin design options throughout the year.

On the other hand, Model 3 is poked for its door handles, which might seem like a piece of fairly simple hardware.

Tesla less expensive, push and turn the handles flush, then grab the lever to open the door.

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There is nothing almost as elegant as the famous handles of the self-displays in the Model S, which slide when the driver about the car

Both the six-year model S and the new model 3 "will draw attention", Resume Pressman, and adds that "both are the epitome of today's automotive technology technology", but are aimed at different buyers.

In the end, perhaps not too surprising, he concludes that the cabin space, appearance, materials and feel, and the performance of the Model S mean that "wins the game". "

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