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The television station rejects claims that CNN did not want to hear a "local vision" about the border


An executive at a San Diego television station rejected his claim that CNN had requested a "local hearing" and then "refused to hear from us" after previous reports from the station showed that a border fence was effective.

News Director of KUSI-TV Steve CohenStephen (Steve) Ira CohenDem presents bills to eliminate the Electoral College and prevents presidents from forgiving themselves. The Democrats move to protect Mueller in the new Congress. Democrats call for an emergency hearing in the wake of attacks stemming from "white supremacist views" MORE He acknowledged on Friday that he did not really know why CNN rejected the opportunity to interview local reporter Dan Plante, The Associated Press reported.

Cohen initially said he had told CNN that Plante's previous reports showed that the border fence in the area was effective and that it might not fit the "narrative" of CNN.

Cohen said he had not heard from CNN again and decided to issue a statement about the alleged rejection, AP said.

KUSI issued a report and posted it on its website with the title "CNN asks KUSI for a local view on the border, our reporter is denied after discovering the work on the walls".

"We believe that CNN rejected a KUSI report because we informed them that most of the Border Patrol agents we spoke with told us that the barrier does work," according to an online report. "Border Patrol agents have continually told us that the barrier along the southern border helps prevent illegal entries, drugs and weapons from entering the United States, and the numbers show that."

President trumpDonald John TrumpAnalyst says that Trump's base will support him if he supports the demand for wall funds. The writer of the "Green Paper" apologizes for the Islamophobic tweet: "I'll do better" The survey considers that Trump's approval rating is 44 percent in the middle of a closure He later shared the KUSI account of the interaction on his Twitter account on Friday.

"@CNN called San Diego news station (@KUSINews) for negative reports on the wall. When the station said that the walls work, CNN no longer had interest. # False news", Wrote Trump.

The station then published a report on Trump giving a "shout" to the station about the initial report.

Cohen, however, told the AP that he never really talked to anyone on CNN about why Plante was not interviewed.

"It's certainly plausible that they did not want it for the point of view, or they just did not want it," he said. "Both are plausible conclusions. I made one instead.

A CNN spokesman rejected KUSI's complaint on Friday, calling it "no history" since the network did not end up interviewing area reports.

"This happens many times every day," the network said in a statement, adding that the plans for the segments change frequently.

KUSI-TV is an independent station in San Diego that is not affiliated with any transmission network.

The station is owned by McKinnon Broadcasting Co., whose general manager, Michael McKinnon, was described by the San Diego Business Journal as an "advocate of conservative causes and long-standing candidates in the San Diego area," AP noted.

The reported dispute occurred during the government's ongoing partial closure, which began in the middle of a dead end between Trump and lawmakers for more than billions of dollars in funds for their much-desired border wall.

The closure, which began on December 22, continues as the White House and Congress attempt to negotiate funds for border security.

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