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The team worse than the NFL Draft 2018 of the Pete Prisco Draft: 10 guys that I like less than the scouts

For almost a decade, I have published a list of players eligible for the NFL draft that I liked more than the scouts, whom I call my Better-Than team.

This year, while preparing for that team, an NFL employee asked me why I did not put together a list of players that I do not like as much as the scouts.

"Are you afraid to do it?" he asked.

"You know better than that," I said.

With that, an idea was born, the first Peor-Que team, made up of players that I do not like as much as the explorers.

The captain this year is USC Sam Darnold quarterback. The co-captain is the Penn State runner Saquon Barkley.

Let's start with the back. I like the game of Barkley. But one would think it was a combination of Barry Sanders and Walter Payton, a player who can not be lost. There is no such thing.

They once thought the same thing about former Penn State runner Ki-Jana Carter and dropped out as Cincinnati Bengals' top pick in 1995.

Barkley will not have a flop, but I just do not see the value in the position and I do not think there is so much separation between him and other backs in this draft.

That's why it's on the list.

As for Darnold, it seems that he only has the biggest chance to bust out of the top four quarterbacks in this draft. Others will say it should be Josh Allen of Wyoming, but I like Allen better.

Darnold has a strange movement, he has small hands and last year he turned the ball over to the Trojans.

The probability is that two of the four best quarterbacks in this draft will be exhausted. I do not know if Darnold will have a Jake Locker blackout, but I think he will never get close to being the quarterback in which many expect him to become, which is the best of this class.

I like it. I do not love him.

I like Barkley. I do not love him.

That's why they're in this Worse Que team.

Sam Darnold, QB, USC

In speaking with several staff men and scouts in recent weeks, they agreed with me that Darnold could have potential bust. I'm not saying he does, and I like his game, but there are worries. It seems that I could go first to the Browns in general, but that is risky in my mind. I would not take it with the first global selection. That is sure.

Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama

Ridley is ranked as the main receiver of the class by most draft analysts, but the scouts have concerns. Is it big enough? Is it strong enough? He is a good and solid player, but in a bad project for the receivers, he will be overwritten. The latest drafts have seen some first-round receivers fight from the start. I think he will too.

Connor Williams, T, Texas

His tape of 2017, when he had some injury problems, was not good. Also, I do not think it's as good as its reputation. Scouts with whom I have spoken I wonder if it could be a player who can be a decent starter and nothing else. That's not first-round value, which is where many have linked it to go.

Ronnie Harrison, S, Alabama

For me, he is a box safety and the value of that position, especially with the way he plays, has diminished. I do not think he plays well enough in space to deserve to be a high draft pick. The third round would be where I would take Harrison. Some have compared him to Landon Collins, Tide's former safety, but I do not think he's in that class.

James Washington, WR, State of Oklahoma

He was not asked to run many routes in the state of Oklahoma, but showed some vertical capacity. In fact, he is good at deep balls. It just does not run as well as some explorers expected. I just do not see it as a prospect receiving the top five, which is where many have it ranked.

Malik Jefferson, LB, Texas

He was a great recruit from Texas, but his production never seemed to come from all his supposed talent. He can run and chase, but he has a tendency to block himself too much and not throw out the blocker. That's a problem at the next level, where the linemen are even better. He sure sees the part. At a minimum, he could be a good special teams player and a solid starter. But can it be much more?

Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State

I like your game, but according to pre-draft assessments, you'd think it would run for 1,800 yards and catch 70 passes each season. That's not happening. There are also many good runners in this draft class who I think will have similar races. The value of the position itself says that Barkley will be overwritten in my book. He is damn good, but he is not what the cult sketch would make you believe.

Mark Andrews, TE, Oklahoma

There were some rumors that it was a first-round pick at some points in the process, but that will not happen now. He is a former catcher who plays like that. He is not a good online blocker at all, and he's fine when it comes to the physical part of the game. But there is a place to pass tight end, even if it is far from being one of the three best tight ends of this class for me.

Sam Hubbard, DE, State of Ohio

When you put on your tape, you see a player who fights every time. But he has some limits in terms of athletic ability. I should be a good rotation player at the next level, but I do not see him becoming a dominant edge runner. There have been some first-round talks for Hubbard, but he looks like a third-round pick for me. I like it, just not like others do.

D.J. Chark, WR, LSU

He has all the tools, but there was not much production. I know his field marshals were not good, but I expected to see more of him. He will be overwritten due to his speed. That is always tempting, which I understand. But I think it will go higher than it should.

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