The teacher was doing drugs in a classroom while the students caught her in the video


Police arrested an Indiana high school teacher on Wednesday after her students caught her on video using what they say was cocaine in a clbadroom.

The 24-year-old teacher, Samantha Cox, appears in the video acting strangely in an empty clbadroom on early Wednesday morning

"She's in the corner, hiding with a chair and a book and what appears to be cocaine, putting it in order, "said Will Rogers, a student, at WGN9.

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Shortly after recording the teacher, the students notified the administrators and Cox was taken out of the school handcuffed. The authorities plan to accuse her of possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

While conducting their investigation, the police told The Northwest Indiana Times that they suspected the teacher had a "mixture of cocaine and heroin."

Police said the students did the right thing by informing their teacher.

"School officials and the police want to recognize and praise the student witness who brought this information to the principal very quickly," police said in a statement. "His actions showed a tremendous amount of strength and integrity."

Students quickly shared their teacher's video online, where it spread throughout the school and community. The parents received a robocall from the school district informing them that the authorities had taken immediate action against Cox.

"What I would say is that the school received information, worked in cooperation with the police of St. John and Dyer, and responded to the situation quickly," Larry Veracco, superintendent of Central Lake, told Times .

A similar incident occurred in Oklahoma, where a second-grade teacher was arrested at Holmes Park Elementary in May. Local authorities arrested Megan Nicole Sloan after she left her Facebook page open, which revealed details of her heroin habit and how she planned to pawn school supplies.

Police discovered 40 syringes in their purse, according to News On 6, which tested positive for methamphetamine and black tar heroin. Authorities said the teacher admitted taking two iPads from the school along with tour money to support her drug addiction.

Last week, police arrested a high school special education teacher, Monica W. Snee, in Maryland and charged her with possessing controlled substances with the intent to distribute them. The authorities stumbled upon 100 capsules of heroin and prescription drugs in their car.

It is still not clear if Snee was selling drugs to students on school property, police said.

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