The tattoo & # 39; Do not resurrect & # 39; Florida man leaves doctors debating whether to save his life –

The tattoo & # 39; Do not resurrect & # 39; Florida man leaves doctors debating whether to save his life


Photo courtesy of The New England Journal of Medicine.

MIAMI (WFLA) – Doctors in Miami faced an ethical conundrum after a man was admitted unconscious with a tattoo on his chest saying "Do not resuscitate", accompanied by his initials, the New England Journal of Medicine informed.

The study said that he came to the hospital with a history of serious health problems and a high level of alcohol in the blood. He had an infection that led to septic shock. He had no identification and the medical staff could not identify any relatives.

"We had a man I could not talk to," study author Dr. Gregory Holt told the Washington Post, "and I really wanted to talk to him to see if that tattoo really reflected what he wanted to. his end-of-life wishes "

" The tattooed DNR request of this patient produced more confusion than clarity, given the concern about their legality and unfounded beliefs that the tattoos could represent permanent reminders of regretting decisions made while the person I was intoxicated, "the report said. "Initially we decided not to honor the tattoo, invoking the principle of not choosing an irreversible path in the face of uncertainty."

To buy himself some time, doctors administered intravenous fluids, antibiotics, and blood pressure medications. But finally they spoke with an ethics consultant who did not agree with his decision to keep him alive.

"As heterodox as it is, you get a dramatic vision of what this patient would want," Ken Goodman, co-director of the University of Miami ethics programs told the Atlantic Journal.

Using man's fingerprints, social workers were able to find their DNR documentation supporting their wishes at the end of life.

The unidentified patient died the next morning.

In Florida, patients can choose not to be resuscitated by filling out an official form and printing it on yellow paper. The paper must be yellow to be legally valid.

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