The system of payments with Visa card returns to its maximum capacity after the shock | Money

Visa's payment system operates at "full capacity" after a hardware failure affected customers in the UK and the rest of Europe on Friday.

A statement published on the Visa Europe website in the early hours of Saturday said: Visa Europe's payment system now works at full capacity, and Visa account holders can now use Visa for their purchases and ATMs automatic, as they would normally. "

The problem was not related to any unauthorized access or cyber-attack, the statement says.

Millions of people could not pay for goods and services throughout Europe after the unprecedented crisis, which started around 2.30 pm

Visa apologized late on Friday, saying it had been "far away" from its goal of ensuring that the cards worked reliably at all times.

Major retailers had previously confirmed that the card purchases were failing, the queues accumulated at gas stations and purchases were left in supermarkets as customers could not agar

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Lisa Eagleton-Muir, 44, who had come to London to audition for the Great British Sewing Bee, could not buy food at King's Cross station for her train ride back to Newcastle.

"I only have two letters and both are Visa, I tried to buy my tea at M & S and a coffee, but both were rejected, I do not know what I'm going to do, it's a long trip home without food. discovered that he could withdraw money from an ATM.

A spokesman for the supermarket chain Asda said some payments had been made, but others had not.

"When you try to pay something, send a message to Visa and then Visa must send a message to the chip and the pin to say that it is OK and that the banks are in the middle at some point. The message that is returning to the chip and the pin, that's where the fault lies, "said the spokesman.

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It is understood that the Bank of England immediately contacted Visa to find out when its system would be put back into operation. A source in the banking industry said: "There is never a good time for the payment system to go down, but on a Friday afternoon, when there is an avalanche of people leaving work, it must be among the worst."

In Spain, the Civil Guard sent a tweet intended to rebadure those affected by the failure of the system . Beneath a photo of Johnny Depp as a surprised Captain Jack Sparrow, the force said: "Stay calm, if you can not pay, it's not because it's been stolen or pirated, Visa is suffering a collapse of service in Europe that is preventing Payments are made on your cards. "

Bank customers in the United Kingdom could still get cash from ATMs, which generated large queues at ATMs.

The Visa spokesman said Friday: "The problem was the result of a hardware failure, and we have no reason to believe that this was badociated with any unauthorized access or malicious event."


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