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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is reputed to be a fun-loving guy who works hard and plays a lot harder. The challenge for the league office will be to forget who he is and what he has done in the past, and to focus solely on the behavior that resulted in a grossly insecure move that looked like something out of the circle.

Last in Sunday's win at Buffalo, Bills defensive end Tre & White Davido made an interception. Acting out of obvious frustration (although the Patriots easily won the game), Gronkowski launched himself at White and placed his forearm on his helmet.

White, who was rejected and did not see it coming, was clearly shocked. and possibly be shocked.

Although it is never very clear what the league office will do with something like this, the fact that the play was over, that White did not see it coming, and that Gronkowski deliberately hit White in the head could be added to a suspension, knocking him out in next Monday's game against the Dolphins.

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