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BARRON – Jake T. Patterson told authorities he was driving on US 8 when he saw Jayme Closs for the first time. The 13-year-old girl Barron was riding a school bus at that time. He instantly decided that he wanted to kidnap her, according to the criminal complaint filed on Monday.

"(Patterson) stated that she had no idea who she was or knew who lived in the house or how many people lived in the house," reads the 12-page criminal complaint. "The defendant stated that when he saw (Jayme), he knew that this was the girl he was going to take."

Patterson, 21, 14166 S. Eau Claire Acres Circle, was charged Monday in Barron County Court with two counts of first degree murder for the deaths of James M. Closs and Denise J. Closs. He was also accused of kidnapping and armed robbery. Patterson made his first appearance in court Monday afternoon.

The Barron County District Attorney, Brian Wright, requested a cash bond of $ 5 million, which Judge James Babler granted. Wright described Patterson as a "flight risk" that had no ties to Barron County and is a danger to the community.

"He made the decision to shoot anyone who was in the house, even the children, because he could not leave any eyewitness," Wright told the court on Monday.

Babler set a return date for February 6.

Patterson was arrested Thursday in Gordon, shortly after Jayme Closs escaped from his isolated home east of Gordon, after being held captive for 88 days.

When interviewed by the authorities, Patterson admitted both the killings and the kidnapping and said that "they would never have captured him if he had planned everything perfectly."

Before the night of the abduction, Patterson began planning to take Jayme Closs. He stole license plates and placed them in his red car. He disconnected the light from the roof of his vehicle "so that when he left or entered the vehicle he would not illuminate his presence". He also removed the trunk light.

Patterson also admitted that he cleaned the shotgun shells and wore gloves while loading his shotgun, making sure not to leave DNA or fingerprints. He also "shaved his face and cut all the hair off his head and took a shower before leaving his house. (Patterson) stated that he did this to not leave any DNA or hair on the scene."

The shooting and kidnapping.

The Closses died on October 15, when Patterson drove home and killed them with a single shot.

In her interview with the police, Jayme Closs said that her dog woke her up when a strange car entered the driveway of the family in the USA. 8, approximately one mile west of the city limits of Barron. Jayme woke up his parents, and his father, James, went to see who was there. Patterson came over, holding a gun.

"(Jayme) stated that he heard a gunshot and learned that his father had just been killed," the complaint states. "(Jayme) stated that her mother had her cell phone with her and she used the phone to call 911."

Jayme and Denise Closs hid together in the bathroom, climbing up to the tub together. However, "Patterson broke the bathroom door and told his mother to hang up the phone," the complaint states. "(Jayme) stated that Patterson told his mother to tape his mouth (Jayme's), which his mother did, and then Patterson shot his mother."

Patterson was dressed in black from head to toe and wore a mask. "He hit her hands and ankles and dragged her to his car," where he placed her in the trunk. Jayme said he heard the sirens of two patrol cars. They traveled for what Jayme believed to be two hours.

Patterson told police that he believes he was only in the house for about four minutes.

When the police arrived, they found James Closs, already dead by the shot in the head, "lying on the ground with his feet near the entrance door". Denise was also dead, she was in the shower.

Retained in captivity

When Patterson arrived at his rural house, he ordered Jayme to go to his room and take off all his clothes. After she had stripped, he put his clothes in a bag. "(Patterson) stated that he then took his clothes, the duct tape and the two gloves he had put on and tossed them into a wooden fireplace in the basement of the house."

Jayme told the police that she was ordered to stay under her bed, and she placed heavy containers and boxes of clothes containing weights around her to keep her captive. He would have friends, but he was ordered to shut up or "bad things would happen". He would also "put music in his room so he could not hear what was happening if there was someone else in the house." with the."

Jayme stayed under the bed for up to 12 hours straight, without food, water or breaks in the bathroom. Patterson got angry with her once and "hit her very hard on the back".

On January 10, Patterson told him he would leave for five or six hours, and left the house. Jayme "stated that she was able to push the containers and the weight away from the bed and crawl out."

Jayme approached Jeanne Nutter, a woman from Strum who owns a cabin in Gordon. Jayme was wearing Patterson's shoes, with them on the wrong feet. Nutter took Jayme to a neighbor's house and called 911.

When the officers arrived, they immediately placed Jayme in a patrol car to get her out of the area and put her safely. The agents found Patterson, driving a car, looking for Jayme. He was arrested quickly.

"(The deputy) reports that he ordered Patterson to get out of the vehicle and, in doing so, Patterson said:" I know what it is about. I did it. & # 39;

Without links to the family.

Patterson admitted that she randomly selected Jayme Closs to kidnap her after seeing her at the bus stop. "He never met (Jayme) through any social networking site and only learned his name after the kidnapping and when he returned home," the complaint states. "(Patterson) stated that he learned the names of the two people he shot and killed after seeing their names on multiple news programs and social networks."

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