The surprising and tough Mariners are approaching an MLB record with a fascinating weekend series to come.

The Mariners (11-2) won again on Tuesday night, 6-3 in Kansas City, and perhaps the only surprising thing was that they only hit a home run (or It allowed a player to score from the second on a bag fly, But that is another matter). Jay Bruce's seventh home run in the best of the majors was the only big fly in this one and he came in the first inning.

The Mariners lead the majors in home runs with 33. Yes, they played 13 games, but the A's played 15 and several teams played 12. In addition, the Mariners also lead with a slugging percentage of .555 and the closest The team in home runs are the Dodgers with 24. The Mariners eight runs per game are also the best.

It has been a group effort. Bruce has all seven homers, but Dan Vogelbach has five (in just 22 at-bats, compared to Bruce's 48). Edwin Encarnación, Domingo Santana and Tim Beckham have four each. Ryon Healy has three, while Omar Narvaez and Mitch Haniger have two each.

The most important element to follow for Wednesday's game in Kansas City is the following: The Mariners have homered in each of the first 13 games of the season and are on the verge of a record.

Most consecutive games with a home run to start the season, team

(source: game index)

  1. 2002 Indians, 14 games
  2. 2017 Tigers, 13
    1954 puppies, 13
    2019 Mariners, 13
  3. 2013 Mets, 12
    2007 Devil Rays, 12
    2001 Diamondbacks, 12
    1997 Rockies, 12
    1986 Reds, 12

In addition, according to, the Mariners' 33 home runs in the first 13 games of the season tie the record for the 2000 Cardinals.

When looking at the records within the first dozen or more games of the season, one can not help but laugh at some of the silly things we've seen in recent years. Chris Shelton's stuff is hard to shake, especially in the context that this Mariners team was not expected to contend with after they rebuilt a roster that had good control over the AL wild card (eight games on July 3). ) last year.

My eyes stray immediately to the next week, more or less, of the Mariners' calendar. His next two games are against the 2-8 Royals. Let's say you get both and sit 13-2. They then return home for a six-game home stay against two of the few expected American League contenders in the Astros and Indians.

That series of Astros could be especially fun for Mariners fans. What if … what if They sweep the Astros and then they're 16-2? Imagine! That would be, at least, a 6 1/2 game advantage, too. The most likely positive scenario is for the Mariners to win the next two and then go 4-2 at home against the Astros and the Indians. That's still 17-4 and a ridiculously good start.

Even a simple victory on Wednesday in Kansas City puts the Mariners in a rarefied air, though it does not guarantee the success of the postseason, not even the postseason. The following teams have started 12-2 in the wild card era:

  • Giants 2003 (lost in round NLDS)
  • Dodgers 2005 (lost playoffs)
  • Rangers 2012 (lost joker game)
  • 2013 Braves (lost round of NLDS)
  • 2018 Mets (lost playoffs)
  • 2018 Red Sox (World Series won)

For now, let's focus on the power of the Mariners and enjoy the trip, especially after what happened last year.

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