The sun warms up every day: "it will leave the Earth uninhabitable" | Science | News

As the sun continues to burn through its ingredients, it gets warmer a little more each day and will eventually make our home uninhabitable. This is because the sun, which already has a surface temperature of 5,505 degrees Celsius and a core that can reach 15 million degrees Celsius, is burning through its ingredients. The sun is already too big, since it contains 99.8 percent of the mbad of the solar system, but this mbad is running low, which causes our host star to expand and emit more heat in a process known as nuclear fusion.

In the sun, hydrogen atoms are compressed under immense pressure and fuse to release huge amounts of energy in the form of heat.

As more hydrogen atoms fuse, more heat is released and the Sun grows at the same time it becomes lighter.

Eventually, the sun will become so large and hot that the Earth will burn, making it uninhabitable.

Fortunately, we still have some billions of years before this happens.

The Science podcast begins with an explosion, he wrote in an article for Forbes: "When enough time pbades, the changes of the sun will make the Earth uninhabitable.

"As time pbades, the amount of mbad lost by the sun will increase, especially as you enter the giant phase of your life. But even at this relatively constant rate, helium growth in the Sun's core means that we will warm up here on planet Earth.

"After approximately 1 to 2 billion years, the sun will warm enough for the Earth's oceans to evaporate completely, making liquid water impossible on the surface of our planet.

"As the sun becomes lighter and lighter, it will become hotter counterintuitively.

"Our planet has already consumed approximately three quarters of the time we have where the earth is habitable.

"As the sun continues to lose mbad, humanity and all life on earth approaches its inevitable destiny."

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