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The summary of Flash: Season 4, Episode 9

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Last week's epic crossover "Crisis on Earth-X" was fun, exciting and brought out the best of both ] Arrow verse as a whole and The Flash itself. Unfortunately, that means that anything that follows it is probably a bit disappointing because it's hard to compete with your favorite heroes who come together to fight evil supernazis. And that's exactly what happened with The mid-season finale of The Flash . "Do not Run" had the unenviable task of reinvesting us in the history of this season, which he struggled to do. However, that does not mean that the episode was necessarily bad. In fact, it included several beats of strong characters.

It's Christmas at The Flash which means that Team Flash is about to face some problems due to the big bad run of the season. This year, the team receives a double blow: Amunet Black returns and kidnaps Caitlin, and the Thinker kidnaps Barry. Obviously, the loss of Barry and Caitlin represents a challenge for Team Flash, especially for Iris as team leader because she has to decide how to use S.T.A.R. Resources from laboratories to solve this problem. At first, she decides that they need to focus on finding both Barry and Caitlin, which definitely puts pressure on their satellite.

In the first of the many twists of the episode, it turns out that Amunet wants Caitlin and not Killer Frost. Although it sucks to be kidnapped, this news should make her feel a little better, because just before she was taken, Caitlin was upset by the fact that Cisco, Ralph and Harry were having a lot of fun with their alter-ego ice cream , the point where they even had jokes inside. But Amunet actually requires Caitlin's medical skills: Amunet accidentally wounded a telepathic metahuman named Dominic (Kendrick Sampson) while trying to capture him, and now she needs Caitlin to remove the black metal that is stuck in her neck and save her life. 19659015] Caitlin is obviously reluctant to perform surgery because she does not have the necessary equipment, but Amunet gives her an option: surgery or death. Even though Caitlin can not use her powers because Amunet slapped a meta-power potentiometer for her risk, that does not mean Caitlin stops fighting. Using Dominic's powers, Caitlin and Dominic try to escape, but everything is in vain because Amunet catches them.

Instead of punishing Caitlin and Dominic for trying to escape, Amunet, who realizes that Caitlin feels helpless compared to Killer Frost, tries another tactic to motivate Caitlin to help her: a pep talk. Amunet reveals that before becoming a successful business woman, she was a stewardess who was constantly sexually harassed by the pilots, but then, the accelerator explosion happened and "she could not take it anymore," and she took revenge on the pilots. She tells Caitlin to tell her that, unlike her, Caitlin was special before she got her powers, and that she knows Caitlin can figure out how to save Dominic's life, or, you know, she'll end up dead. On the one hand, this successful talk fills Amunet as a character, but on the other hand, it feels as if the writers read all of our tweets about how much we love Killer Frost and try to convince us that Caitlin was great, too.

Meanwhile, Barry finds himself trapped inside a prison in the sanctuary of the Thinker. Although DeVoe refuses to reveal his plans to Barry, because they are too complicated for Barry to understand, he assures her that at the end of this experience, he will learn that there are no happy endings. Joe and Harry show up at DeVoe's house for questioning, but obviously they can not find Barry because DeVoe has many, many steps ahead. Then, Barry remains trapped in prison. (NEXT: The Thinker's Plan Revealed)

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