The success of the Antonio Brown-Buccaneers partnership falls on Tom Brady’s shoulders

The relationship between Tom Brady and Antonio Brown turned into a forgery 11 years a year ago, when the unexpected pair briefly linked up to give the New England Patriots an offensive blizzard, when Brady left them after apparent frustration went.

It will soon be renewed now in Tampa Bay, with forecasts only for those who follow the breadcrumbs of their chemistry and who understand the dynamics of the power of an NFL franchise who played that one game in Miami last September Had seen when, after a few days of practice, Brown caught four passes for 56 yards, including the beauty of Brady’s back shoulder touchdown throw. That day, with the NFL investigating the rape charge, Brady was asked if he felt conflicted about Brown, given the circumstances.

“I don’t make any of those decisions,” Brady said. “I just pretend and play and do my work.”

Well, not completely. Brady often gets what Brady wants, which is why his ongoing support of Brown – he retweeted a contrasting tweet from Brown in March, adding an emoji of the heart – on Friday night with the news that the Buccaneers Is expected to sign soon. The deal pending land in Brady’s lap to make it work. He made little effort to conceal his frustration for last season in Foxboro, as he did not have the weapons he believed the Patriots should have. He keeps them in bunches in the Bucs, but there’s no question that Brown wouldn’t be in Tampa if Brady didn’t want him.

Brady’s ping is weird for Brown? Perhaps a little, though he has remained loyal during Brown’s darkest days. Does it feel bad that everything is forgiven before Brown ends his eight-game suspension for multiple violations of the league’s individual conduct policy? Sure. Those violations stemmed from Brown’s No Contest petition for charges of burglary and battery in Florida and based on allegations he sent texts scaring a woman, accusing her of having undue influence.

When his suspension was announced in July, the NFL was still looking for civil claims of sexual harassment and rape against the receiver, though commissioner Roger Goodell spoke in an exclusive appearance at Brown’s in the Super Bowl in January The sympathy note was struck, saying the league wanted to think about his own good and help get him back on track to succeed in life.

But the most confusing thing is that a team like the Bucs, which is so clearly aiming for the Super Bowl, is ready to take on one of the most combustible guys in the game, even if it is the star quarterback Satisfy. It is worth remembering that when the last Brown was in the news regularly, he was forced to move out of Pittsburgh, suffering a leg injury from cryotherapy, due to controversy over his helmet practicing with the Raiders Refused, almost quarreling with a quarrel. The Raiders general manager Mike Maycock forced the Raiders exit and then had a brief stay in New England before the Patriots released him on charges of harassing him and curtailed the league’s investigation.

The answer would seem obvious. The Bucs are in all-in mode, collecting their own star receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and one of the league’s best offenses, collecting Rob Gronkowski, LeSean McCoy and Leonard Fournette. The problem is that so many books have been hit by weapons. Considering Brown is expected to sign only a one-year contract, which will only apply to half-year contracts because he is not eligible to play until after his suspension expires after 8 weeks, it is less risky. , Potentially too much reward trick. Most of what the Bucs have done recently is not about a long-term plan – their future runs until about February. They only have to keep Brown on the right track until then.

Brady’s role will be important not just as a team leader but as a Brown counselor and confidant. And, needless to say, Brown will now have to repay Brady for his steadfast support. In March, Bruce Arians, the Bucs’ head coach who was Pittsburgh’s offensive coordinator as a stealer in Brown’s first two seasons, expressed concern about the dynamic Browne asked when he was asked about the possibility of Brown’s reunion.

“It’s not going to happen,” he said in a radio interview. “There’s no room, you know. It just doesn’t fit here. I just know it and it doesn’t fit in our locker room.”

He now fits. Arion and Brown will have to make their peace, but Brady will certainly be more likely to be an arbitrator. If they do, and if Brown can even be a few percent at his best in Pittsburgh, that would certainly help an offense that showed its potential in the Packers’ 38-10 crushing last weekend. For his part, Brown has hit the perfect notes of contraception since the summer.

“I look forward to new beginnings,” he wrote on Instagram after announcing his suspension. “I want to be the best version of myself on and off the field, and I will try my best to be a great teammate.”

It will be a relief for the Bucs and their quarterback’s reward.

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