The strong police presence in the White House when Richard Spencer and the protesters collide –

The strong police presence in the White House when Richard Spencer and the protesters collide


by Jessie Karangu, Sinclair Broadcast Group

The White House (Photo: Pixabay / MGN Online)

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) – The police presence was briefly picked up at the White House on Sunday by the late as Richard Spencer and other supporters of the right alt met to protest against the verdict in the case of Kate Steinle.

The opposing protesters were separated from the Spencer demonstration by the police. According to eyewitness accounts on social networks, the counter-demonstrators could be heard singing "no Nazis, no kkk, no fascists from the United States." The group of protesters on Spencer's side carried signs that said "build the wall of Kate."

Eventually, Spencer's group was escorted by the police to celebrate their demonstration in a different place. His departure from the White House caused opponents to vociferate his deportation furiously.

The storm that surrounded Kate Steinle gained strength last week after José Inés García Zárate, Steinle's accused killer, was found not guilty. Steinle was shot on a pier in San Francisco while taking a walk with his father. Meanwhile, Zarate is an undocumented immigrant who had been deported five times.


Zarate did not deny having shot Steinle, but says it was an accident. Zarate says he found a stolen gun wrapped in a shirt under a chair on the dock. When he raised the gun, he accidentally fired. President Trump called the verdict "shameful" and used the case previously to campaign against the existence of sanctuary cities.

Mike Enoch, another ally of Spencer's white supremacy, helped organize the Sunday rally and promoted it on his social media page on Saturday. Enoch said in his tweet, "This is not just a right-wing demo, all people from all groups who want to represent whites are welcome."

Sunday's rally comes four months after Heather Heyer was killed in Unite the Right rally held in Charlottesville, Virginia. Spencer and the right-wing alternative movement organized the rally that was held to oppose the removal of the city statue of Robert E. Lee.

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