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The strange and tremulous words of Trump Causan #DentureDonald To Trend

Does President Donald Trump have something in common with George Washington besides a job title?

The latest theory: Trump can use dentures.

# DentureDonald tended on Twitter on Thursday night after "Daily Show" host Trevor Noah played a clip that showed Trump dragging his words during a speech earlier in the day.

He was not the only one to notice:

"Have you ever seen Trump eat an apple, a pear, fruits or vegetables of any kind?" Noah asked. "Think about it: false teeth, false hair, fake tan … there is no part of your body that is real"

A White House spokesman dismissed the rumors.

"His throat was dry, there's nothing like that," Raj Shah told the Los Angeles Times.

Quartz pressed Shah on the subject.

"Report what you want to report," Shah said. "This is not news."

However, the subject caused a lot of discussion on social networks, particularly after the "The Daily Show" segment.

"There is no shame in having dentures," Noah said. "But it's a shame that Donald Trump has dentures, yes, because he's vain like hell!"

Noah wondered how Trump would feel if people started tweeting with the hashtag #DentureDonald.

"Do not do it, guys," Noah said, and then dragging the words: "He is very shenshitive."

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