The Steelers-Titans prospect will be moved to Week 7: Here’s how the NFL affects the rest of the schedule

It’s not easy to recreate a game in the NFL, but it seems that the league has already come up with a plan for a postponed game between the Steelers and Titans that was originally to be played on Sunday in Nashville.

According to, the Most likely scenario For this game it is going to move into Week 7, meaning that instead of playing each other on October 4, the Steelers and Titans in Tennessee will now play each other on October 25.

For this plan to work, the NFL will need to rearrange a few things on the 2020 schedule. With the Titans and Steelers, both teams will have 4 Bites a week. The Titans previously had to be a Week 7 bye, but now is the week where they will face the Steelers if they pass with an NFL plan.

Not only will the Titans and Steelers be changing their bye weeks, but the NFL is also dragging Baltimore into all of this as the Ravens schedule will also have to undergo a slight change to do all of this work. The Steelers were originally scheduled to travel to Baltimore in Week 7, but that game would need to be moved. Since both Rance and the Steelers have a buy-by in Week 8, both teams will play in Week 8, and Raven’s Buy will be moved to Week 7.

The NFL’s most likely scenario is the same as proposed by editor RJ White, meaning that the league must stake its Twitter feed.

The new schedule would mean the Steelers Four get to play straight home games For the first time since 1970. For the Titans, not much will change for them. They were not scheduled to leave Nashville during the entire month of October, and that would not change with this proposed change.

For the Ravens, a schedule change means they will have to play the Steelers twice in the month of November. Furthermore, it means that there will not be a bye before starting the Ravens which should be the toughest part of their schedule. Following their proposed Week 7 buy, the Ravens will have to play the Steelers, Colts (away), Patriots (away), Titans and Steelers (away) in consecutive weeks.

The NFL had to postpone the Steelers-Titans game due to a COVID-19 outbreak, which is giving the Titans a tough fight. Tennessee has a total of 11 members of its organization, including five players, testing positive for the virus since the outbreak began.

Due to the outbreak, the Titans will not be allowed to return to their practice facility until Saturday; Because of this, coupled with the fact that there were even more positive tests on Thursday, the NFL felt it made the most sense to postpone the game.

Take another look at the proposed changes broken by the team:


old: Week 4 vs Steelers, Week 7 Buy
new: Week 4 Goodbye, Week 7 vs. Steelers


old: Week 4 in Titans, Week 7 in Ravens, Week 8 by
new: Week 4 Goodbye, Week 7 Titans, Week 8 Rance


old: Week 7 vs Steelers, Week 8 by
new: Week 7 Goodbye, Week 8 vs. Steelers.

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