The stars are going crazy & # 39; with the theme of this year's Met Gala


At this time, the A-listers expect their weeks of planning and concern to be rewarded, and not look ridiculous at Monday's 71st Annual Gala on Monday.

This year's theme is "Camp: Notes on Fashion". In her 1966 book, "Notes on Camp," author Susan Sontag described "camp" as "the metaphor of life as a theater," which seems an obvious fit for Anna Wintour. Fashion show. In recent years, you've had Rihanna dressed in a papal outfit, Katy Perry with 7-foot-tall angel wings and Kanye West with ice-blue contacts to make her look like a cyborg.

However, some celebrities are nervous about the right topic.

"I know that some A-listers who attend regularly are not happy with the appearance that the designers threw at them," said one fashion expert. "The idea of" camping "is out of reach. One of the leading stylists of an actress on list A told me:" She's going crazy because she just wants to look pretty. "

According to a veteran fashionista, there is the fear of offending Wintour: "You reach the top of the ladder [at the Metropolitan Museum of Art] Y. . . If she is not smiling, your dress stinks. "

Wintour and his team at Vogue traditionally combine celebrities (at least those who do not have sponsorship agreements with fashion houses) with designers. But some brands still make their own star lists to aim for.

"Vuitton and Gucci are very aggressive," said fashion executive Chris Constable. "When I worked for DVF in 2014, Diane told us about her priorities. That year they were Selena Gómez, Jessica Alba and Olivia Munn. "

Meanwhile, Tom Ford has the shortest list. "Tom has a very precise idea of ​​who wears his clothes," said an inside source. "We have to reject many celebrities, believe me."

And the celebrity stylists also want to put their stamp on things.

"Stylists are actually more competitive for the Met than even the Oscars," said stylist Phillip Bloch.

Beyonce at the Met Gala 2015
Beyonce at the Met Gala 2015false images

Stylist Ty Hunter, who dressed Beyoncé for several Met Galas, said: "I never compete with anyone, nor Beyoncé, the last couple of times, we use Riccardo Tisci, formerly in Givenchy, he knows what works for her. It makes it easy. "

Still, the singer's behavior certainly suggests that she wants to be the center of attention.

In 2015, said stylist Neal Farinah, Beyoncé went to the ball with a bow, then wanted to change to a high ponytail, thinking that the bow was "too theatrical". As a result, Mrs. Carter arrived an hour late. (According to Constable, "Vogue and [publicity powerhouse] KCD dictates what time each star arrives, depending on its fashion style. "

A famous stylist said that unexpected hair can be a quick way to get attention.

"If you change your hair or come with a famous quote, the press goes crazy," said the celebrity stylist, who admitted advising a client to make such a move. No wonder that the brunette Anne Hathaway was presented in 2013 with a pixie platinum ready for the camera. Last year, Cara Delevingne debuted with pink hair, thanks to stylist Mara Roszak.

Sometimes, celebrities refuse to use what has been done for them.

In 2012, Miuccia Prada herself created a silver satin outfit for Gwyneth Paltrow, according to a former Prada celebrity picker. Paltrow's stylist, Elizabeth Saltzman, told The Post: "It was a silver satin blouse and a huge, beautiful skirt, but she said," Elizabeth, I want to have fun with my friends. "I did not want everyone to get on the train So he left behind the skirt!

(After giving up the Gala in 2013, I told USA Today: "I'll never go back, it was so fun," Paltrow returned in 2017 and is expected to attend this year.)

"There are a lot of women who [first] Look what they are using that day. Some are sewn at the last minute [because there’s not enough time for fittings]"Constable said." Many actresses do not like their dresses! But it's so late that they can not change. "

Maybe that's why Blake Lively is the rare star who avoids stylists.

6. Blake Lively in Atelier Versace 3.2 million likes
6. Blake Lively in Atelier Versace

3.2 million likes

Getty Images for the Hollywood R

"It's a creative outlet for her," said someone close to the star. "She goes to, watches the shows, has her own relationships with the designers, I've seen her rearrange a dress for the Met, change the hem, she solves everything, including hair and makeup."

Although Lively is reportedly not on the red carpet for Monday's gala, there are high expectations of who could be, especially Rihanna, Solange Knowles, Sarah Jessica Parker (known for her fashion hats), Katy Perry and others who They usually put everything they have on the subject.

Like Jared Leto, who often joins the hip of friend Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci and one of the co-chairs of this year's gala (along with Lady Gaga, Serena Williams and Harry Styles). Last year, both wore Gucci headband tiaras; this year, "will be the epitome of the camp," said a stylist aware.

However, there are insiders who question the thinking behind the issue.

"It's hard to bring up the subject of a camp when [the Met Gala is] And for Nature Camp, "said Mark Silver, founder of Factory PR. "I think this topic is a bit deaf right now, we are in a moment of empowerment of women and Nancy Pelosi's costumes."

"Trust me, the Kardashians do not care if it is politically incorrect," said another stylist. "And Anna has let everything become them."

Fashion historian Bronwyn Cosgrave, who hosts the "A Different Tweed" podcast, does not think the attendees should be too stressed by the dress code.

"I do not think it's about fashion at all, it's about costumes," Cosgrave said. "The great couturiers of past years made women's costumes of society for these giant balls: they would be characters more than haute couture, and you do not see hats like the SJP ones anywhere outside the Met."

Sarah Jessica Parker at the Met 2015 Gala.
Sarah Jessica Parker at the Met 2015 Gala.false images

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