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The star of Bird Box is not happy with the reduction of its role

Bird box it's Netflix's latest original that exploded completely, but despite being the talk of Twittersphere and offices around the world over the past few weeks, the general consensus is that the movie … could have been better.

Part of that could be the edition, which seems to have left a bit on the floor of the cutting room.

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As the actress Rosa Salazar reveals, many of those discarded scenes have to do with her character Lucy, and she is quite upset about it, since she only joined to make the film after the producers promised to make the role a reality with scenes that were not they were in the original Novel of 2014

She said The Hollywood Reporter: "Everything we filmed that was added, which was the catalyst for my agreement to make the film, was not in the film.

"I maintain my performance, despite the fact that [has] abbreviated. "

Despite that, Salazar said he really enjoyed working with Sandra Bullock, and is "very pleasantly surprised" with all the memes the movie has generated (like people who do not know who Bullock is and the Bird Box Challenge).

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She also said that "she is always grateful to be hired, especially as a Latina woman in this business, and I am always grateful when the most essential part of my character is not that she is Latina."

Bird box is available for streaming exclusively on Netflix at this time.

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