The star of & # 39; Vanderpump Rules & # 39; Stassi Schroeder, apologizes for his criticism of the campaign & # 39; # MeToo & # 39;


  LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENS LIVE - Episode 11197 - Pictured: Stbadi Schroeder - (Photo by: Charles Sykes / Bravo)

SEE WHAT HAPPENS LIVE – Episode 11197 – Pictured: Stbadi Schroeder – ( Photo by: Charles Sykes / Bravo)

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The star of "Vanderpump Rules" Stbadi Schroeder has issued a formal apology after some comments he made about the recent "#MeToo" campaign in social media angered the fans.

As noted People the star began to bleed advertisers to his podcast "Straight Up with Stbadi" after some comments he made criticizing the women who had presented stories about their experiences with bullying and badual badault He expressed his views on a podcast episode entitled "Are we on a male witch hunt?", Which has since been removed. The first reports indicate that the star disagreed with the number of women who came forward arguing that the media frenzy surrounding the campaign is moving away from those who were "really badaulted," as noted in a tweet removed since then.

After attempts to defend herself online fell short, she issued the following apology on social networks .

"My podcast is an outlet for me to share my opinion without filtering with my listeners, but in my last episode I crossed a line, and it was irresponsible for me to make general statements about a very serious issue, such as badual harbadment, since It is not my place to talk about the experiences of others, "he wrote. "I'll continue to express my opinion on my podcast, but I'll put more thought behind my dialogue"

The reaction to the star's apology has mixed with the acceptance of some, some rejecting it and many wondering why it is not I apologized. his first reaction to defensive tweets that have now been removed from Twitter.

Since the apology, the star phoned his fans saying he wants to use his podcast as an opportunity to have a discussion with the victims about being left powerless.

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