The Sony PlayStation VR free trial program is now complete


Virtual reality is now more popular with consumers than ever, in part due to the price cuts of headphones. But given the nature of virtual reality, some people still feel uneasy about spending hundreds of dollars on something that can have lasting appeal. For owners of Playstation 4 / Pro, Sony's free PSVR trial program allows them to try before buying. It turned out to be so popular that the registration list was completed almost immediately.

US PlayStation Plus members had the opportunity to test a PSVR unit in their homes, free of charge, for two weeks. The package was composed of headphones, a necessary PlayStation camera, two motion controls, a copy of Skyrim VR and a demo disc. The only thing that was not included was the PS4 itself.

Those who registered had to provide Sony with their credit card number. If they decide to hold on to the virtual reality package after 14 days, they will be charged $ 299.99 and can keep everything. It's a great deal, considering that the Skyrim package, which was launched on November 17, generally costs $ 449.99.

Despite Sony's plan to keep registrations open until December 14, the 1,400 demonstration units available were quickly purchased. the company closed the records. But given your success, do not be surprised if a similar promotion arrives in the future.

Although the PlayStation VR might not match the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive with PC, it was almost half the record of one million VR headphones sold in the third quarter of this year.

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