The ‘SNL’ sketch depicts Georgia as a blue state: ‘This is Stacy Abrams Country’

“Saturday Night Live” wasted no time in diving into the bountiful political drama of January, after more than a month off the first show this week.

In the show’s “Blue Georgia” sketch, cast members and guest host John Krawskisky usually reliably as a radial maidao-loving, avocado toast and vegan mitogaff-serving and solar-hot torch neck of the nation of the Red State. Is featured.

The “politically correct” change comes after the state election of two state-secret Democrats in a pair of the U.S. Senate in the Jan. 5 election.

“Good to see a fellow Blue Stater. We’re like Yale,” a small-town Georgian waitress, played by Eddie Bryant, tells a New York tourist, played by cast member Pete Davidson , Which enters the dinner.

“Do you know where the men’s room is?” He asks after Davidson sits down.

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“Yes, back in 2015,” cast member Beck Bennett tells Davidson, playing the Georgia man “skater, owner of the city’s electric truck dealership”, he / she, who looks like KFC’s Colonel Sanders. “We don’t have a men’s room, but the all-gender toilet is just below.”

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Atlanta, artists installed a painting of Stacey Abrams on Monday, January 18, 2021 in the King Historic District. (associated Press)

After being surprised by Davidson to have an all-gender toilet at the dinner, Bennett jokingly states that Davidson feels that all Georgians are “Crazy Christian Types”.

“Oh no, and even if you are, that’s fine,” Davidson replies. “I am a Jew.”

“I hope you know what we do here at the Jewish people in Georgia,” Bennett warns as a skater.

“We choose them!” He laughs, referring to Sen. John Osoff, a Democrat who defeated Republican Sen. David Peru in a runoff. Thus Ossoff became the first Jewish US senator in the state. (Also winning on January 5 was Sen. Rafael Warnock, the state’s first black US senator. He defeated Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler.)

Later, in the sketch, Deputy Jimmy, played by Andrew Dismuk, burst into the dinner, stating that “how honored” he was that a group of Black Lives Matter activists “wanted to protest in our city!”

Then, a Floridian, played by Alex Moffat, wearing a MAGA hat, enters the dinner and has a stern reminder from the city’s sheriff, Kasirinsky.

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“This is Stacey Abrams country,” Lawman said, referring to high-profile Democrats who lost one race for state governor in 2018 and then launched Fair Fight Action, a group helping Democrats win two U.S. Senate races Credited for helping.

But at the end of the sketch, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the diner’s patrons collectively wearing masks to protect themselves from coronaviruses.

“Because we are free!” They shouted.

The show also ran on US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-Ga. During the cold, Gametop made a sketch on the stock dispute and mocked the riots over the impeachment of the US Capitol and former President Trump.

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