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While Facebook has certainly had a fair amount of privacy scandals over the years, the recent controversy involving Cambridge Analytica undoubtedly represents the biggest challenge the social media giant has faced to date. Cambridge Analytica, as a quick update, is a consulting company that has quietly acquired information on 87 million Facebook users for political advertising purposes.

In recent weeks, Facebook has been in full control of damage. Mark Zuckerberg not only issued an apology a few weeks ago, several Facebook executives have been roaming the media in an effort to badure the mbades that their private data will remain private. In addition, Zuckerberg is scheduled to testify before Congress on the matter next Tuesday.

Anticipating Zuckerberg's testimony to veteran lawmakers, Saturday Night Live over the weekend had a bit of fun at Zuckerberg's expense taunting his unconventional character. During the Weekend Update part of the show, Zuckerberg – skillfully played by Alex Moffat – addressed the company's ongoing privacy issues in a hilarious manner.

Immediately, the program makes fun of Zuckerberg's supposedly robotic. behavior. When presented, Zuckerberg, in an effort to appear more human, recites his inner monologue aloud and says: "Visual contact begins, one two three, nailed."

When asked if he was going to resign, Zuckerberg He replied: "No way, Homie, because according to our data sets, I do not have to do it and you can not do it to me."

The best part of the sketch, in my opinion, is when Zuckerberg briefly recalls the & # function 39; Poke & # 39; of the site, something Zuckerberg categorizes as "flirting with cowards".

The whole sketch is pretty well done and you can see it below.


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