The snake of Trance’s cool is historic in its magnitude.

Dissolving one of America’s most permanent transfer-to-power rituals – the outgoing president welcomes the incoming president on the steps of the North Portico, and then rides with him to the United States Capitol – just from the snobs One is Trump is surprised as he leaves Washington.

According to a source involved with the day’s events and planning, instead of the president and first lady, Biden would be greeted by Timothy Hurleth, the White House chief. Harleth, a 2017 Trump hire from the Trump International Hotel in Washington, likely won’t live in the Biden administration, the source said, noting the role of Chief Usher in all the possibilities is filled by someone coming president and more familiar than before Will go. Female.

The afternoon of Inauguration Day, then-President Biden will attend a ceremonial wreath at the Arlington National Ceremony, joined by former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. According to another source with knowledge of executive residence practices during these hours, the bulk of Bidens’ personal effects would be transferred to the White House and unpacked.

By that time, all Trump paradoxes would have gone away, and a complete top-to-bottom cleaning of the entire White House complex would have been completed. Copperid-19 type or otherwise, to deal with any possibility of germ germination, including special attention to carpets, carpets, curtains and surfaces, on top of regular cleaning by staff, through outside the White House with outside contractors A deep cleaning protocol was arranged. .

“Furniture and vacuuming, baseboards cleaning, draping vacuuming, wiping sheds, cleaning chandeliers, washing windows, dusting high dust”, all of these covered by the new president and his family’s traditional move-in residence area Areas gone. “This cleanup will begin as soon as Donald Trump and Melania Trump depart.”

According to the source, a special focus of the move will be paid in the bedroom of the residence, where new mattresses and box springs are the standard operating procedure for the first family to come. Yet a part of the bedroom set will be clearly different with Bidens than Trends: Bidons will be sharing a bedroom. Melania Trump spent most of her time in the White House in a large bedroom room, usually reserved for presidents and their spouses, adjoining West Sitting Hall, according to a source with knowledge of the system .

“Donald Trump slept in his own bedroom, which was previously a study or den during other administrations,” the source said of the arrangement.

On Monday, moving trucks were seen in the driveway of Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, with movers carrying cans and luggage bags and rolling them into a private club, as Trump’s post-White House home Will works, which is the plan for now, said another source with knowledge of the planned living arrangements and the security arrangements in place.

Snub chain

Biden says Trump skipping is inauguration & # 39;  A good thing & # 39;

Biden’s inaugural day snub comes on the heels of a series of broken norms and childish behavior that comes directly from the President of the United States about his indifference to any form of complacency towards that person I have been vocal about who will succeed.

Trump is, according to many sources, even mulling whether to write a letter to Biden for a standard-bearing tradition in the Oval Office to leave for him.

Melania Trump, who has not been seen publicly for more than two weeks, has not reached Jill Biden, hoping to continue to pass along the hospitality of her successor, hosting her for a tour.

Even after controversial election cycles, the first women and presidents have set aside hard feelings and arrogance, no matter how big.

A former senior Clinton administration official told CNN, “I remember the first woman Hillary Clinton first met with Barbara Bush in the White House in 1992, and in 2000 when she hosted Laura Bush, “. “Both were followed by controversial campaigns and both visits could not be more graceful and welcoming.”

However, Biddens has a unique perspective, having visited the White House several times during Joe Biden’s decades-long political life, from Trump’s sting to a lack of politicking.

“It’s disgusting,” said another former White House official who worked in the Trump administration.

Carries some tradition

Pence calls Harris while Trump continues to deny

However, small decorating measures are being practiced during infection. CNN has learned at least three Trump administration officials who used private communication channels to reach their Biden administration counterparts last month, despite the president not taking his losses.

Over the weekend, Trump’s official White House photographer Sheilah Craighead was seen by CNN giving Adam Schultz and Chandler West, Biden’s incoming official photographer and photo editor, a tour of the White House photo office. While photographers mark one end of the spectrum, Vice President Mike Pence will signal the other.

On Thursday, Pence spoke with Vice President Kamala Harris for the first time for the highest level of contact between the outgoing and incoming administration. Their conversation was described as cordial, with Pence offering his greetings and assistance, according to a person familiar with the matter. CNN arrived at the office of another woman, Karen Pence, to see if she had made the same gesture to another gentleman, Doug Imhoff, and received no response.

On Sunday, while visiting troops at Fort Drum in New York, Pence was still performing official duty. Karen Pence was passionate during her remarks, referring to her last official visit.

“Here I go,” he said, pausing between sentences at a podium of the hangar, trying to catch himself before shedding more tears. “It’s such an honor to be here with you.”

On Sunday, invitations were issued to Trump’s circle asking him to attend – and to bring five guests – a celebration of his and Melania Trump’s move to Joint Base Andrews, Wednesday morning before Air Force boarding For his last visit. on storied aircraft, which would freeze them in Florida.

Trump has told staff that he wants his tarmac sent to include all the pomp and circumstances, including the 21-gun salute, red carpet and military color guards. On Monday afternoon, an administration official told CNN that the bells and whistles could all be to a much larger audience – the president – and a smaller audience of others: “So far, there haven’t been too many RSVPs.”

CNN’s Kate Anderson Browner, Jeff Zeleni, and Kevin Liptak contributed to this report.


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