The sketch report states that Apple Car will be the first schedule of next year, which will be next year

According to Taiwan, Apple’s long-rumored electric vehicle is running at least two years ahead and will be released in the third quarter of 2021 Economic Daily News, Which cites unnamed officials over Taiwanese manufacturers.

The report claimed that Taiwanese manufacturers are preparing to ramp up production of “Apple Car” components early in the second quarter of next year, stating that Apple is privy to dozens of prototype vehicles on the road in California Is testing Apple obtained a permit from DMV of California to test self-driving vehicles in 2017, and that year was spotted using a Lexus SUV rigged with LiDAR devices.

Although several sources have claimed that the Apple car will be released between 2023 and 2025, including analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the report cited an unnamed director at a major Taiwanese manufacturer who said that Apple will be in a September Is targeting a 2021 launch.

While anything is possible, earlier deadlines are questionable, particularly due to the effects of the epidemic. A. earlier this month DigiTimes The report claimed that Apple was in “preliminary” negotiations with automotive electronics suppliers, suggesting that its vehicle project was still in a fairly early stage. The report states that Apple’s chipmaking partner TSMC is reportedly working with Apple on a “self-driving chip”.

Over the years, reports have flopped over whether Apple is developing a full-blown vehicle or working on artificial intelligence and autonomous driving techniques for vehicles in general. Apple’s artificial intelligence chief John Giannandria recently led the project BloombergMark Gurman.

Given that automakers often announce all new vehicles years ago, one possibility is that Apple Car will be previewed in late 2021, but it has not been released. For now, however, the report should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Economic Daily News Apple has a mixed track record with rumors. The publication accurately stated that Apple would release a remastered iPhone 8 in March 2020, almost a year before unveiling the second-generation iPhone SE, and also christened the 11-inch iPad Pro. Conversely, the publication incorrectly reported that a high-end gaming Mac would debut on WWDC 2020 and the AirPod Pro would come in multiple colors.


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