The site & # 39; Captain Marvel & # 39; revisits the classic web design of the 90s


No matter your level of excitement regarding Disney's first exclusive Marvel + movie, if you remember web browsing in the days of 28.8 dial-up and web rings, the official Captain Marvel The site will be an unexpected gift. The film is set in 1995 and, appropriately, its official website looks like something created to see it through Netscape Navigator (even if its code is too strong to access without a modern broadband connection).

If you're wondering how they did it, then the answer apparently is not that someone at Disney had an old Geocities template out there. in a cheep, Lori Lombert, Marvel software engineer, said: "We built this in FrontPage and hosted it in Angelfire." We can only say, in addition, that it seems that this is what they used.

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