The Sims 4 confirms Snow Escape change after concerns from Korean fans

The sims 4 Has confirmed that upcoming changes will be made Icy escape The pack, following concerns raised by Korean fans.

Icy escape The tenth expansion pack as it was unveiled earlier this week officially featured the trailer showing the Japan-inspired world’s mount. Komorebi. Subsequently, several players pointed to two problematic moments.

In one shot, a sim is seen bowing in front of a shrine. For many Koreans, it is reminiscent of a time when the country was under Japanese rule from 1910 to 1945. During this period, pilgrimage worship was implemented.


The second issue comes from one of the new clothing designs in the pack, with the spec appearing similar to the controversial Japanese Rising Sun flag, associated with Japanese imperialism in Korea and China.

sims 4 icy escape clothing design removed


Producer Graham Nardone has since noted concerns Twitter, Sharing that pack changes have been made to make the game more inclusive.

“Hi, Simmers! We modified the reveal trailer for The sims 4 snow escape And to honor our Korean players have changed the pack, “he explained.” I want you to know when those games will happen? Icy escape Start.

“In particular, we will not have Sims bow in front of the shrines in the world of Mount Comorby.

“Next, we’ve adjusted some patterns on clothing and items Icy escape Imagery developed spontaneously with painful historical meaning.

Sims 4 icy escape trailer screenshot


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“We aim to be inclusive. We engage both within and outside our team, and we listen to them as representatives of the cultures from which we draw inspiration. We want to be more representative of our player’s lives Are unwavering in their commitment to them. Authentic and honorable way. “

Icy escape, Which includes snowboarding and skiing as well as snow activities such as the brand new ‘Lifestyles’ and ‘Sentiments’, will be released on Friday 13 November.

The sims 4 Available on PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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