The section of Highway 1 near Badi Sura collapses in a winter storm.

Officials said a scenic area of ​​Highway 1 near Big Sur, which collapsed this week due to a winter storm, would cost millions of dollars to repair, and it is unclear how long before the roadway is set Will apply.

Officials said the highway occurred 15 miles south of Big Sur on Thursday.

Officials said Cultrans had closed the 40-mile stretch of Highway 1 between Fuller Lookout and the San Luis Obispo County Line. The forest fire last burned over 128,000 acres, destroying vegetation and weakening the soil.

“We wanted the bus to be essentially closed when the place was vacant,” Caltrans spokesman Jim Shivers said. Shavers said that evacuation orders were never issued for the portion of the highway that was demolished.

Schutters said that the maintenance staff at Cultrans discovered the section of the collapsed highway at around 4pm Thursday. Caltrans issued an emergency contract to Papich Construction, he said.

The company worked under Caltrans engineers to ensure that repairs were up to state standards. There is no timetable for the completion of the project.

The destruction is known as a slip, a collapse that occurs when the soil on either side of the road is so saturated that nothing can catch it, Shivers said.

Officials said the Central Coast received up to 15 inches of rain this week.

Firefighters on Thursday used earth-moving equipment to protect a horse and pony from deep mud near the Sierra de Salinas mountain range on the northeast River fire Mark of burn. The forest fire burned over 48,000 acres. The soil there Is unstable And, to keep it, without vegetation, at increased risk for debris flows and mudslides.

A winter storm stopped in the area on Thursday before moving to Southern California, bringing generous loudspeeds to Orange County and hail storms on Los Angeles County beaches.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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