The secret messages in Oprah’s interview from Prince Harry and Meghan

Two hours

Once again, before filming began, CBS announced that it would be a 90-minute special.

Having conducted the interviews, supposedly for two days, the network has extended the program to two hours.

The decision is believed to have been made due to the force of the couple’s comments, something that is likely to provoke upset in palace circles.

The Sussexes did not participate in editing and had no control over the final production.

The decision to extend the run time will have been made by Harpo Productions, Ms. Winfrey’s production company. The extension, of course, will also allow the company to add more ads to the program, making it even more profitable.


The suggestion that Meghan has been silenced in some way by the royal family is designed to win sympathy for her acceptance of this primetime, two-hour, unrestricted tete-a-tete.

The pair have come under scrutiny for agreeing to speak to the queen of the US chat show despite complaining about media intrusion and unwanted publicity.

The couple are expected to argue that they deserve to give their side of the story, in the face of “relentless” and “inaccurate” press coverage, no doubt citing legal action they have taken against the Mail on Sunday for the publication of Meghan’s letter to her. father, Thomas Markle Snr and the disputed story about Harry and the Royal Marines.

However, the palace is likely to look unfavorable to any suggestion that Meghan was not allowed to give her opinion.

They’ll point to her Grenfell cookbook, the countless speeches she and Harry gave during engagements, the Queen took her under her wing with a ride on the royal train, and Meghan seems to dominate the conversation during an outing with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. to expose his charitable vision in February 2018.

At all times, the domestic staff have tried to point out that they “did everything possible” to meet the needs and demands of the Sussexes.



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