The SEC is reportedly looking at Nicola’s electric truck promises

As far as the allegation that the video shows it was a roll throw, Nicola may present it as the best reboot that it can say: “Nicola never said that her truck was in the video Was driving under self-propulsion, although the truck was designed to do just that (as described in the previous point). The truck was screened and filmed by a third party for a commercial. Nicola posted the company’s social Described this third-party video on the media as “In Motion”. It was not described as “under its own propulsion” or “powered powertrain”.

In Nicola’s statement, the company said it planned to cooperate with the SEC in its investigation, and claimed that it had already contacted the agency and given information. So who is lying? Nicola claims that investors knew what its prototypes were and were not capable of, and are focusing on new machines that say it can actually move under its own power. However, watch the original Nikola One video that is still available on YouTube (titled “Nikola One Electric Semi Truck in Motion”) and make your decision about whether the underlying truck was capable of running on its own.