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The season of Flash 4, review of episode 9: Do not run

Barry and Caitlin are kidnapped by The Thinker and Amunet Black, respectively. The rest of the team tries to track them as they are challenged individually in The Flash.

The average season of The Flash is full of Christmas spirit when we open with Wells and Cisco discussing the correct way to decorate There is a small change of equipment that makes Caitlin feel that the team prefers Killer Frost . Caitlin leaves the lab before cutting off Barry and Iris through the wedding gifts. Barry and Iris talk about the fact that Barry has been using his super speed less than usual. Then it is an exchange between the Thinker and the Mechanic at home.

Caitlin is seen in Jitters, drinking a Killer Frost (a frozen coffee drink), when Wells arrives to talk to her. While they converse, Amunet makes his entrance and kidnaps Caitlin, giving him an energy buffer in the process. At the same time that DeVoe attacks Barry while he and Iris are walking through the city, DeVoe captures Barry. The rest of the team meets at Cortex to discuss their strategy. Cisco tries to vibrate with Barry, but only causes pain to Cisco. It seems that the team is going to use its S.T.A.R. Labs satellites to track both at the same time.

Barry is in the den of The Thinker, supported by some kind of force field. Meanwhile, Caitlin is in an abandoned hospital, where Amunet has a goal that needs medical attention. Caitlin initially refuses to help, but quickly changes her tone when Amunet threatens to kill him. The goal, Dominic, wakes up and talks to Caitlin. It seems that we have a telepath in our hands (and in fact it is one of the Bus Metas). The Thinker joins Barry in his lair and begins to let Barry take care of what he wants. Joe arrives at DeVoe's house with Wells as backup. DeVoe challenges them, inviting Joe and Wells to search his house. They do not find anything.

Although the den is apparently connected to the home, it is not direct. Inside, Barry tries to free himself from his cell and the Mechanic reprimanded him. Barry attracts the mechanic from one spouse to another, but the mechanic stops him. In the Cortex, the team is stressed as are its resources. Cisco and Dibny get hot and Iris receives a pep talk from Wells. Wells tells Iris that she has to take the initiative and choose whom to look for first.

At the abandoned hospital, Caitlin and Dominic argue over Killer Frost. They try to escape after Caitlin expresses that she does not want to do the surgery there. Despite using Dominic's powers to avoid the guards, Caitlin and Dominic are arrested by Amunet. Amunet opens herself to Caitlin about her past and then offers Caitlin her admiration. Always the villain, Amunet continues with a lethal threat. Back in Cortex, Cisco and Dibny are reconciled (the Christmas spirit is strong). Iris makes the difficult decision to find Caitlin before Barry.

Caitlin performs the surgery, successfully eliminating the shrapnel. Dominic apparently goes into shock, but it is revealed that everything is part of the plan. Caitlin had let the anesthetic fill the room instead of pumping it to Dominic. When Amunet and his thugs hit the floor, Dominic and Caitlin head for the door. Amunet almost stops them, but Dibny and Cisco stop him just in time.

Back in the Thinker's lair, Barry found a way out of his cell and tries to apprehend DeVoe. Defoe teleports himself over Central City and drags Barry with him. After a skirmish in the sky, Barry finally makes use of the lifeboat function of his suit when The Thinker crashes into the water. Barry returns to S.T.A.R. Laboratories bruised but alive. The team discusses where DeVoe might have gone but the results are inconclusive. Barry and Iris talk about Iris's harsh decision. The team retires to the house of the West for the annual Christmas party, Dibny expresses his feelings to the team. Dominic (having been invited by Caitlin) arrives at the house in the West.

An alarm is activated in the apartment of Barry and Iris and Barry runs there to see what went wrong. While there, Dominic calls Barry and insinuates that, in fact, he is DeVoe. The audience is treated with the events that allowed DeVoe to transfer his consciousness to Dominic's body (it has to do with his powers). It seems that Dominic has called to gloat, since DeVoe's body is in the Allens apartment, already stabbed. Barry is being accused of murder. The police arrive and the man alive faster resists the urge to flee.

Quick Thoughts

While "No Running" is not the strongest episode of the season, it does have its moments and ends in a pretty cliffhanger. Caitlin was able to solve some of her problems regarding feeling inferior to her alternative character Killer Frost, Iris was able to make a difficult decision as the leader of Team Flash and Dibny could sincerely express themselves to the team.

think that DeVoe's plot to frame Barry for murder is a great way for a villain known as The Thinker to come to The Flash. Instead of trying to beat the Scarlet Speedster in a strength contest, he won in a game of wit. Barry's decision to sit still instead of using his speed to escape his problem will lead to an interesting second half of the season. I hope you do not let Barry out of his legal problems in an episode, there's a lot to explore with the situation he's in. It's going to be a long hiatus until we know what happens to Speedster in Central City.

Messages from The Cortex

  • Cisco and Wells discussing their Christmas decorations were delightful.
  • "I do not have to run when I'm with you" I felt really sweet and I can not wait to steal that for my Christmas cards this year.
  • I know that Cisco t-shirts are a fun part of the character, but can we get a subscription box based solely on their t-shirts and excellent fashion phrases?
  • I'm glad to know that Amunet Black is lost during Caitlin's scientific talk.
  • Seriously, the chemistry between Grant Gustin and Neil Sandilands is the best between our hero and antagonist since we had the reverse Flash in Season 1.
  • Amunet's compliment and threatening maneuver was tender and motivating.
  • It's great that the showrunners still give Caitlin opportunities to be an accomplished doctor and not just as a lab assistant.
  • I love Dibny's costume, but I hope he has something a little more fun at the end of the season.

The Flash returns on Tuesday, January 16 at 8:00 p.m. M. ET in the CW. Meanwhile, keep an eye on Bam Smack Pow, as we're going to cover your favorite shows during the mid-season finals.

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