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The season & # 39; Bachelor & # 39; of Arie is so uncomfortable and that fight date did not help, says Raven Gates

After competing in the season of Nick Viall Bachelor and finding love in Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, Raven Gates knows this franchise inside and out, and she gives everything to Bustle. Now, read what Raven has to say about Arie's super uncomfortable season

Week 3 The episode of Bachelor should have been titled The Bachelor: The Most Uncomfortable Episode ALWAYS. Between the group dates involving hair pulls and unruly dogs, a one-on-one confrontation and an embarrassing denial of the kiss, this episode was all awkward and MORE. Yes, I said more. Will we dive even though I have second-hand embarrassment just thinking about all this? Yes.

The date of the first group was a fight date with the women of the original GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). This may have seemed super fabulous at first; however, it was anything BUT. The ladies of GLOW were there to teach the girls how to fight, but that ended up including a lot of teasing from the contestants. Everything translated for me as nothing more than simple insults. They asked Bibiana why her mother spelled her name that way (rude!) And put on Tia's ponytail. This caused that Tia immediately touched the intentional puns and sent it to a slight emotional attack. It was a lot for the first date of the episode.

Fortunately, soon, Tia and Bibiana were able to meet and prepare for the real fight show performed in front of a live audience. But, before the fight began, Arie and Kenny King, of Rachel Lindsay's season, climbed into the ring for an epic blow against Arie. I mean, literally. It was Arie being mistreated by Kenny. I mean, Kenny is a professional fighter and everything … but damn! At least acts as if Arie had a chance.

I do not know about you, but I thought this was a horrible date for ladies competing for a man in the first place. I'm definitely not fit for that kind of appointment. When the women GLOW insulted Bibiana's mother, my gloves would have been out . And if that woman GLOW had put my ponytail ? I would not have cried like Auntie, I would have left in.

Fortunately, I was not on this date because Kenny King wanted GLOW to hit her and hit her in the body. However, I do not blame Tia or Bibiana for their reaction. When you are so uncomfortable, it is always better to get away from the situation until the emotions calm down. In the end, the fight went on as planned, but unfortunately there were no clashes between Krystal and Bibiana. That came later in the episode and out of the ring …

That night at the cocktail party, Krystal overcame the feathers by stealing Arie first (what else is there again?) And Bibiana could not let it go. He told his worries to Arie, and everyone knows that complaints about another contestant never end well. Bibs could not focus on just being there for Arie, and he did not seem pleased. All that takes place at the party, but first, another awkward date!

Arie put the date GLOW behind him and went by plane to one-on-one. I felt something for Lauren S. here. We all get drunk a little at times, especially at The Bachelor Mansion believe me, so the fact that Arie had a date at a warehouse in Napa Valley seemed like he was preparing her for failure. (Note: Is not this the third plane ride we have done The Bachelor this season? What about a classic helicopter?) ANYWHO, once they reached the Napa Valley it looked like Lauren S. no I could stop rambling. She even said: "I'm everywhere." Oh, Lauren, I wish you had aborted the mission as soon as you started feeling like you did not. Unfortunately, Arie was not really connecting with her and sent her home. Ah good. Live and learn, Lauren. Do not give up on this.

But the uncomfortable dates did not stop with a one-to-one elimination. The next group dates had to do with dogs! The dogs were not the uncomfortable part; For me it was the best group date! Who would hate to be with puppies all day? Oh, yes, I forgot – Annaliese. She not only had that uncomfortable montage in the last episode of her traumatic experience in the bumper when she was a child, but now also got a second montage uncomfortable from her childhood experience when she was bitten by a dog. As we say in the south, bless your heart. (Used as a sincere expression of sympathy and / or condescending, I'll let you decide what definition to use here.)

Then, to make things worse for Annaliese, the program DID THE DESIGNATED SCOOPER POOL . What a policeman A spoon of troop poop. In any case, I hate that Annaliese has had such horrible childhood memories. Can someone bring this girl to an appointment that will add some happiness in her life?

Apart from the trauma of a dog, Ashley, Becca K., Caroline, Chelsea and Jenna competed on stage with their puppies, who were supposed to be doing tricks, but simply frolicking on stage without a care in the world . It was silly, and fun, and almost enough to get the episode out of its uncomfortable … oh wait.

The night part of the date got even worse for Annaliese (bless her heart). His time with Arie was uncomfortable to say the least; He even looked away during their conversation. It was official. Annalize was not recovering from this, but that did not stop her from trying again . (Bless your heart.)

Just when I thought that the week of the difficult dates was over, we still had a HELLA AWKWARD party to attend. Unfortunately, it was not so good for Bibiana or Annaliese. At the cocktail, Bibiana established a romantic area with candles to look at the star with Arie. It was the perfect setup … until it was used by the other girls. Lauren B. used it first to converse with Arie, and then they saw Arie and Bekah lying down and huddled right where Bibs planned to spend a romantic moment with him. YIKES, this was so despicable that I could barely look.

While everything was going on, Annaliese was reapplying lipstick and making a plan to finally receive Arie's kiss. And, at the most uncomfortable moment of the entire episode, Arie told him he was not ready yet … yet. What left Annaliese wondering: "Do I even have the opportunity to have a connection?" I needed answers. She made the decision to go back and ask Arie.


I wanted to shout at Annaliese through the television: "PLEASE DO NOT RETURN! Save yourself shame, girl! You have your answer! The bandit who kisses you PRAISED!". That was a kind of "do not pass" clue, but since this was filmed a few months ago, Annaliese could not hear my screams on the TV and came back for the final confirmation. 19659005] I will say, I try to hold on to the slightest hope. If Arie had just been very rude and said, "I'm not feeling at all, I'll never do it," Annaliese could have done it and she would. I've accepted it, or I'd like to think about it anyway. Needless to say, Arie sent Annaliese to her house after her awkward 100th conversation. I just hope this is not another traumatic memory for Annaliese! The only good thing is that there will be no more terrifying dates for her from now on. Unless she goes to Paradise or something like that and we discover her long-lost fear [insert anything here].

With Lauren S. missing and Annaliese going home, this left only one removal of the rose ceremony. By then, we could all have guessed, seeing that the stars were not aligned for her (pun), that Bibiana was going to be the chosen one. However, I was sad to see her go. She was very funny! But, I have the strange feeling that we will see more of her …

In any case, here is the hope that next week's episode will be much less uncomfortable. I love some action, but everything was a shame! I will take my Bachelor drama with much less embarrassment, please.

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