The Seahawks received calls about Russell Wilson from a third of the NFL teams, some clubs predicting the price of QB, according to the report.

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Russell Wilson has caused a lot of waves during the infancy of the 2021 offseason. So much so that about a third of the league has called in the Seattle Seahawks to see what it takes to acquire the superstar quarterback through a trade, according Michael Silver from the NFL Network. While Seattle isn’t buying directly from Wilson, teams are calling, and Silver characterized general manager John Schneider as someone who “listens to anything and everything,” implying that the club can’t immediately hang up on those clubs asking. Seattle’s potential willingness to listen to offers on Wilson is also something that CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora has previously noted.

However, at the end of the day, an offer of this magnitude comes down to price. What would it really take to get Wilson, and would teams be willing to pay for it? Silver reports that league clubs believe the conversation begins with three first-round picks. Again, that’s possibly just the starting point for acquiring the quarterback eight times in the Pro Bowl. So far, it’s unclear if any club is going to hit that mark, but given Wilson’s talent, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him make a pretty massive return for the Seahawks if they ultimately decide to move on.

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Rumors of a divorce between Wilson and the Seahawks really accelerated when the quarterback made public his wishes that his voice be heard in personal decisions. It also made his frustrations from taking too many punches become very clear. The 32-year-old’s decision to make his feelings public was reportedly not exactly well received by Seattle’s top brass, which has helped fuel this potential box office success.

Wilson is under contract for the next three seasons and is fairly affordably priced, making him an even more desirable business target for teams in need of QB. His median base salary through the 2023 season is just $ 20 million.

With all of this said, Silver noted that Seattle has gotten the message from Wilson and it would appear that his preference is to try to fix things with his franchise interlocutor. However, if they can’t, this is just another superstar name to add to the roster of players who could be on the move during what could be one of the wildest off-seasons in recent memory.

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