The screen size of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 just leaked and … is that all?

Be careful what you wish for: We’ve finally got our hands on a new industry take on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and things aren’t looking all that exciting. Mainly due to the fact that Samsung seems to be reducing the outer display quite a bit compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

While last year’s flagship offered a 6.2-inch display, its successor is now said to sport a 5.4-inch Super AMOLED panel. Its slim aspect ratio (25: 9) and resolution (2260 x 816) have not changed compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, according to the same. source.

Is this the price of the S Pen?

Now, a 120Hz upgrade to the front screen would go a long way toward offsetting this reduction in screen space. And while that’s pretty much what various other sources have been claiming since late 2020, industry-wide coverage of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 remains less than constant, to put it mildly. For starters, it remains to be seen whether the S Pen is to be blamed for this largely flat generational upgrade, size-wise.

Given that this is the first piece of information about the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to emerge in almost a month, its implications make for a rather disappointing report. Being able to store tablet-like screen surfaces has been one of the main draws of folding smartphones since long before Samsung succeeded in bringing them to market. But today’s leak suggests the company is already slowing down display expansion.

That’s not to say that a foldable smartphone has to be huge to compete; the Galaxy Z Flip barely had a problem to impress in its two 2020 versions. But it would seem that cutting costs is Samsung’s number one priority right now. We can only hope that this strategy also leads to significant price reductions across the folding niche.

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