The screen notification feature of Instagram Stories stopped the test, depending on the application

Instagram stories are a great way for users to share temporary content, ads, visual montages and image collections with followers, without the permanence of uploading standard publications to the Insta profile. Super fun filters can decorate your hair with virtual flower rings, and morphing with funny animal faces happens at the right time because you really need to load yourself with a puppy face right now. And now you can do it with even more freedom, because, according to reports, the screen capture notification feature of Instagram Stories has stopped being tested, and you will be able to capture your grammatical heart without consequences. (Bustle contacted Instagram about reports that the feature is no longer being tested and will be updated after the response)

In February, Instagram confirmed that it was testing a feature that allowed users to know when they had been captured his Instagram stories. In a big victory for Instagram users who love to move (dare I say stalking?) Incognito, the popular social networking platform will no longer try this feature, confirmed the application to BuzzFeed. While Stories's screenshot notification was never released en mbade, you'll be happy to know that it seems pretty sure it never will be.

I mean, the stories are meant to be fleeting, and in fact, that's part of their ephemeral charm. But sometimes, do you have to take that screenshot of your crush, amirite? Anyway, Gizmodo points out that the screenshot notification from Instagram Stories was a riff on a similar Snapchat feature, which allows users to know when someone captures a screenshot of their stories, since both offer a feature of stories that last only 24 hours. popular way to save and share those images; either for sentimental reasons, throwing a little shadow privately with your best friend, or simply because. On both platforms, users can see who saw their content, despite the screenshot, and, to be fair, some users liked that their temporary content of Stories was more likely to remain, well, temporary.


Instagram representatives told Gizmodo at the beginning of the screenshot notification test: "We are always trying ways to improve the Instagram experience and making it easy to share any time with the people you care about." Gizmodo also points out that the feature alerted the creators of Story about the screen captures through a notification that someone captured the post, along with the name of that person next to a small camera icon. Trapped

Bustle reported last winter that the screen capture alert feature sent a notification to users in their first screenshot, warning them that, with a second screenshot, the creator of the story receives a warning. And given the subsequent panic on Twitter at that time, it would seem that most of us are, at least sometimes, unsociable social media browsers. The users of Insta last February were so concerned with the appearance of such exposure that Redmond Pie developed and published some tips on how to dodge alerts on your website, such as putting your phone in airplane mode before stealing images, for example, or download applications such as Story Reposter, or take pictures of the web platform instead of the mobile application. I mean, seriously: is this what we have become ? In a nutshell, absolutely and yes. It is truly a testament of humanity what we are going to do to prevent our light stalking from becoming an explosion.

So we breathe a collective sigh of relief as Instagram allows us to return to our secret forms of screen capture without the least fear that we are in the test group about to be exposed. Go, be free, fellow grammarians: you are free to anonymously capture the Rihanna Stories to the content of your little heart, without notification.

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