The schools with the lowest rates of measles vaccination in Portland? Religious schools and waldorf

An outbreak that began in Clark County, Washington, continues to grow this week, with 51 confirmed cases within the publication deadline. (That number increased to 54 on Wednesday). The majority of cases occurred in children under 10 years of age who had not received the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine.

The outbreak has been driven by low vaccination rates, as myths about immunizations continue to baffle public health officials. It is also a problem in Oregon, where a Multnomah County school has a measles vaccination rate of 30 percent.

Oregon requires immunizations to attend elementary school. But parents can request medical or non-medical exemptions to immunization requirements.

Oregon had the highest non-medical kindergarten exemption rate in the nation in 2013, before the state pbaded a law that requires parents seeking non-medical exemptions to review information about the benefits and risks of vaccines.

The exemption rate fell initially, but since then it has risen to a historic high. In 2018, the percentage of Oregon students with non-medical exemptions for one or more vaccines reached 7.5 percent.

Here are the schools with the lowest immunization rates in the county.

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