The sale of tickets for the Ticket to Ride game exceeds Black Friday and Prime's day



Ticket of the days of wonder to travel It is one of the most popular board games of all time and has brought many benefits, but if you still do not have a copy of the original game in your collection, today would be the day to remedy it. Walmart has only $ 19.98 (50% discount with free 1 day shipping on orders over $ 35) which is a low price of all times by a considerable margin. The agreement is part of Walmart's summer sales event, which is its response to Amazon's Prime Day. However, Amazon has never gone to this low. Ticket to travelSo jump while you can.

If you are not familiar with Ticket to Ride, the official description is available below. Keep in mind that the game really becomes a reality TV show, so you can enjoy it on another level when it becomes a series.

"October 2, 1900: 28 years ago the eccentric of London, Phileas Fogg accepted and then won that he could travel" Around the world in 80 days. "Now, at the beginning of the century, some old friends have gathered to celebrate the impetuous and lucrative bet of Fogg and to propose a new bet of his own, the bets: $ 1 million in a competition of winners of all. "

"Ticket to Ride is a cross-country train adventure game where players collect train cards that allow them to claim rail routes connecting cities throughout North America.The longer the routes, the more points they earn. destination connecting two distant cities, and the player who builds the longest continuous railway For 2 to 5 players of 8 years or more Play time: 30-60 minutes Comes with: 1 Map of the North American rail route table, 240 "Colored train cars, 110 train cards, 30 destination tickets, 5 wooden score markers, a 1 day online access number from Wonder, and a rules booklet."

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