The Russian media opposes unless they are pro-Trump and pro-naval

After widely backing the rebellion in the Capitol as a “peaceful protest”, Kremlin-controlled campaigners found themselves in considerable contradiction trying to condemn the mass demonstrations, which last week saw opposition activist Alexey in Russia Stoned in protest against Navalni’s jailing. Navalny was treated in Germany, after being poisoned with a nerve agent by Russian intelligence operatives. Soon after his return to Russia, he was arrested.

Following Navalny’s apprehension at the airport, his team released a heartbreaking video alleging that a massive $ 1.37 billion seaside palace was built for Putin, allegedly by Russian presidential aides Was funded and described in Navalny’s video as “the biggest bribe in history”. Thousands of people marched across Russia to express deep dissatisfaction with Putin’s leadership and his outrage erupted. The protesters demanded Navalni’s release, “Putin is a thief” and “Freedom from Navalny.” More than 3,000 people were detained by the police across the country.


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