A Pennsylvania newspaper dropped a cartoon distributed after it says that a reader discovered a vulgar comment against President Donald Trump hiding in the corner.

"A reader pointed out to our attention that one of the syndicated comic strips that appears in the Sunday Butler Eagle may contain a hidden message that was apparently placed there by someone in the creative department of the comic strip creator or the syndication that controls it. "Ron Vodenichar, editor and general manager of Eagle, said in an article about the newspaper website.

The message, written in the lower right panel of the daily cartoon, begins with "We say with affection that we are going …" followed by an expletive directed at Trump. The full strip can be seen here.

The cartoon, which encourages readers to color it, was drawn by Wiley Miller for the "Non Sequitur" strip. On Sunday, Miller recognized the message in his comic, tweeting "Some of my keen readers have seen a little Easter egg by Leonardo Bear-Vinci. Can you find it?"

The Pennsylvania newspaper announced that it will eliminate the nationally distributed strip distributed by Andrews McMeel Syndication from its Sunday comics, citing that it does not publish the word F in its family publication.

"Non Sequitur" publishes in more than 700 newspapers across the country, according to the company's website. The company did not respond immediately to a request for comments.

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