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The robots of the Toyota Olympics 2020 will include a cart with javelin.

Most of the other bots were already known, such as the Human Support Robot (to guide people to their seats), the Delivery Support Robot (drinks and other orders) and the T-HR3 humanoid robot (remote interactions with the athletes).

However, there will be a more specific bot for the Olympic Games. The pet robot in Miraitowa and the Someity variants (which you are seeing in Someity below) will welcome people to places through the detection of remotely controlled objects and members. Toyota is also "considering" a way to improve games for Japanese children through pet machines.

The robots serve as marketing material for Toyota and the technology industry in Japan as a whole. However, like other Japanese working robots, they are also a recognition of the country's labor shortage. With a declining population and a reluctance to invite foreign workers, the country cannot always count on having enough people to fill jobs. The Field Support Robot and its partners could guarantee that Tokyo 2020 develops smoothly, even if there aren't as many human employees as the organizers would like.

<img alt = "The Toyota Robot Mascot" data-caption = "The Toyota Robot Mascot" data-credit = "Toyota" data-credit-link-back = "" data-dam-provider = "" data -local-id = "local-1 -6617488-1563894731473" data-media-id = "d1c9c909-7c02-4d14-bd7b-caadfb3b589d" data-original-url = "https://s.yimg.com/os/ creatr-uploaded-images / 2019-07 / 28ba3840-ad5c-11e9-adf7-050a3f900ab4 "data-title =" The Robot Robot mascot of Toyota Robot "src =" https://o.aolcdn.com/images/dims ? resize = 2000% 2C2000% 2Cshrink & image_uri = https% 3A% 2F% 2Fs.yimg.com% 2Fos% 2Fcreatr-uploaded-images% 2F2019-07% 2F28ba3840-ad5c-11e9-adf7-050a3f900ab4.

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