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The Riverview family has a glimpse of a fireball that flew through Florida

RIVERVIEW – A family from Hillsborough County was among the dozens of people who reported seeing a fireball shoot through the Florida sky earlier this week.

And they have the shocking video to prove it.

Alex Russell had recently installed the security camera that caught the lightweight zipper in the sky and exploded, according to News10 WTSP.

The American Meteor Society said they received more than 55 reports of the fireball event on Tuesday around 6:35 p.m. M. The sightings spread throughout the state from Jacksonville to Key West.

Russell and his daughter, Adriana, 10, were outside when they saw the bright light. They ran in to see the footage from the security camera.

It was then that his wife Heather Fox began recording and broadcasting to Facebook live while the family reacted to the wild video.

"I'm amazed," Fox said as he watched. "Man, it's so bright, it has to be a meteor."

Uncertain, she asked her Facebook friends to help her and her family know with certainty what they just saw.

A fireball is a bright meteor, according to the American Meteor Society. A fireball is a special type of meteor that explodes in a flash at the end, which seems to be what Russell captured on video.

If you ever see a fireball, you can inform the society on its website.

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